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Industrial - Cutting and Grinding Fluids

Technologically advanced chemistries are the life-blood of America’s manufacturing industry. Fuchs leads the industry in bringing new technologies to the market which allows our customers to compete on a global scale. Fuchs developments in unconventional emulsifier systems, next generation microbial control, and lubrication mechanisms meet the demands of today’s high speed machining centers, while evolving to keep pace with the technology of tomorrow.

Industries Served

Automobile Manufacturing
Fuchs’ line of economical, high performance aluminum machining coolants reduce both maintenance production costs. Our coolants are designed for large central systems possess exceptional emulsion stability and microbial control over long service intervals with minimal maintenance. Unique lubrication chemistries provide unparalleled tool life on heavy duty operations like roll-form tapping and aggressive reaming.

In the ever evolving world of Aerospace, new materials require new lubricating chemistries. Fuchs has developed new chlorine-free technologies for the machining of titanium and modern super-alloys as well as products made especially for the high speed machining of aluminum.

Bearing Manufacturing
Fuchs grinding fluids are specially designed to provide unmatched grinding ratios (G-ratios), machine cleanliness and swarf carrying capacity. Fuchs’ technologies reduce cycle times compared to conventional, non-specialist fluids.

Medical Industry
Fuchs offers low residue, naturally compatible fluids designed for the special manufacturing conditions demanded by the FDA.

Off-Road/Heavy Duty
Fuchs line of coolants, designed to meet the unique challenges of cast iron, nodular iron and compacted graphite iron (CGI), yield unmatched cleanliness, improved tool life and outstanding service life. Dirty equipment is a thing of the past as upgrades to proven technologies yield superior swarf carrying capabilities and fines handling.

Innovative Fluids for Cutting, Grinding,
Gear Lapping, Tube Forming and Wire Drawing

Ecocool (Water-miscible coolants)

Fuchs manufactures a full line of soluble oils, semi-synthetics and fully synthetic coolants to meet every need. Our research and development lab is continually creating new technologies to provide customers with “best in class” performance.
Ultra Low Foaming
Products formulated with unconventional emulsifier systems have reduced the reliance on anti-foaming agents. Our new generation of products are foam free in soft water (including reverse osmosis and deionized purified water) and are filterable to the tight tolerances demanded by through-tool fluid delivery systems.

Long Service Life
Low maintenance, bio-resistance chemistries reduce plant expenses by reducing system dumps, increasing up time and minimizing labor costs.

Ultra Hard Water Stability
Concerns over split emulsions due to poor water quality are a thing of the past. Traditional soluble oils and semi-synthetics were formulated for either soft or hard water. Low foaming products would fall apart when subjected to high hardness, and tight emulsions formulated for hard water would foam uncontrollably in soft water. Fuchs high tech products, based on unconventional emulsifier systems, will withstand high hardness levels without giving up foam control.

Ecocut (straight oils)

Chlorine-free technology eliminates the need for chlorine in heavy duty applications. These products are specially formulated for regions mandating waste disposal surcharges for chlorine-containing cutting fluids.

Low Emissions
Fuchs has been the global technology leader in low evaporation technology for over 20 years. In Europe Fuchs pioneered the combination of petroleum and synthetic raw materials to create an optimum balance between performance and cost. As part of a comprehensive emission control strategy, our “LE” line of cutting fluids are helping reduce VOC levels in manufacturing plants, creating healthier work conditions and a green manufacturing environment.

Low Misting
Special anti-mist technology has been tuned over decades of development. Our proprietary technology is shear-stable and filters to extremely tight tolerances. While maintaining extended service intervals, operators are kept safe by controlling oil mists, reducing the hazards of inhalation and slippage.