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Quench Oils

The success of heat treating in metalworking depends greatly on the use of the proper quenching material. Fuchs Thermisol products are specially formulated to provide even cooling and eliminate the problem of hairline cracking and warping. Thermisol products are economical, with a long service life due to low evaporation and resistance to ageing.

The advantages of using Fuch’s quench oils include:
  • Experience
    Fuchs is a major long-term supplier and servicing company to a wide variety of heat treating companies.

  • High Quality Products
    Fuchs quench oils are formulated with special base oils and additives to ensure consistent optimum performance over long-term, heavy duty quenching usage.

  • Technical Support
    Fuchs has a knowledgeable and experienced staff (including laboratory personnel) to assist customers with questions and help solve problems.

  • Quality Assurance
    Fuchs offers laboratory quench oil testing and documented reports that meet ISO quality requirements.

  • On-Site Support
    Fuchs has strategically located personnel, warehouses, and laboratories to provide close customer support.

  • Wide Variety of Products
    Fuchs produces a broad range of quench oils to suit every need for demanding quenching requirements, including oils that are ultra fast, slow, and marquenching.

  • Fluid Coordination Assistance
    Fuchs offers other associated metal working products including: cleaners, rust preventatives, greases, and metal forming compounds.