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Chemical Process Management

The continuous improvement of all production processes is a vital investment in the future of a company. With CPM Services, FUCHS supports its customers along this path.

Lubricants, no matter whether they are industrial oils, corrosion preventives or metal-working fluids, directly or indirectly affect production efficiency. Optimum selection, precise matching of the individual components and product handling all play an important role in this context. “Many companies neither have the expertise nor the capacities to deal with this chance, particularly because they must increasingly focus on their own core competencies …,” knows Dr. Matthias Klar, Head of Chemical Process Management (CPM) at FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE. “… and that is, when we come into play.”

The CPM team acts on-site as specialists for lubricants and related applications, and provides the customers with proven and state- of-the-art optimization solutions. “For this purpose, we deliver engineering services that are flexibly tailored to the needs of each company,” Dr. Klar explains. The basic modules are designated as “general supplier”, “warehouse management” and “fluid management”. Various additional services, such as lab analytics or the implementation of substance recycling concepts supplement the portfolio. Where the support of the service team for the customer machines is concerned, fluid management is the most important element. “The lubricants are filled, their consumption is documented and the lubrication systems are monitored,” Dr. Klar concludes. Structured evaluations of the applied amounts and the consumption help to recognize and implement the potential for process optimizations and savings, and take full advantage of the performance of the lubricants used. As “general supplier”, a FUCHS inhouse team takes over the complete order handling, the disposition and the monitoring of all delivery schedules. This module is supplemented by the “warehouse management”, i.e. FUCHS staff organizes complete warehousing. “CPM services offer a classic win-win-situation,” the graduated chemist is convinced. “On the one hand, we support our customers in making their processes more efficient and safer and save costs. On the other hand we tap product potentials, strengthen customer loyalty, create references and offer the opportunity to position ourselves even more strongly as an excellent technology partner.”

In Europe alone, FUCHS supports 120 projects in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and Great Britain. Most of them are in progress in Great Britain and Germany, and, after the acquisition of Statoil Fuel & Retail Lubricants, also in Poland.

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