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FUCHS, Your Everyday Companion

Whether in the sausage slicer or the refrigerated section, the vacuum cleaner or the washing machine, FUCHS lubricants can be found in many everyday items. We provide customized products for hundreds of applications in six product categories. See where you can find us as you go about your day – some things might surprise you!

You can find a variety of FUCHS oils in cars – including in the engine and transmission.

Various oils and operating fluids are also required for scooters. In addition to engine and gear oils, FUCHS also supplies brake fluids and radiator antifreeze.

You will also come across many of our products on trains, for example, in the drive shafts or the wheelset mounts.

You can perform amazing tricks on your skateboard thanks to FUCHS lubricating grease in the wheel bearings.

We also ensure that you can get around quickly and smoothly thanks to our greases for gearwheels in the electric motor of your e-bike.

For clean trousers and T-shirts your washing machine has to function perfectly. This is ensured by our lubricating greases in the roller bearing of the drum and the shock absorber, which dampens vibrations caused by unbalance during the spinning process.

Escalator drive systems run smoothly thanks to gear oils from FUCHS. Furthermore, our products can be used for circulating tracks.

Would you ever have guessed that our refrigeration oils can sometimes be found in the refrigeration compressors in the refrigerated section of your supermarket?

Who would have thought? When your bathtub was manufactured, our lubricants may have been used on the pressing tools.

When it comes to knee and hip implants or dental implant pins, FUCHS supplies high-performance cooling lubricants tested on cytotoxicity for the medical industry.

Anyone who has traveled up a mountain on a ski lift might not have enjoyed such a smooth trip without our products. For cable cars, we produce a lubricant used in the production of wire ropes.

To ensure that the awning on your terrace does not squeak when extended and retracted, we supply our PTFE anti-friction coatings on the articulated arms.

Since lubricant on the blade of a sausage slicer, for example, can come into direct contact with food, we produce a lubricant that is specially tested for contact with foodstuffs.

Who could manage the housework without a vacuum cleaner with a cable that can be coiled up at the touch of a button? The springs in this mechanism are coated with FUCHS LUBRITECH anti-friction coating.

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