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Value Added Fluid Management

FUCHS is responsible for Fluid Management at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Berlin-Marienfelde. Ten complaint-free years demonstrate that we are more than meeting the strict requirements of this selective customer.

The Mercedes-Benz factory in Berlin-Marienfelde has a long history. Founded in 1902, it is today a high-tech location for component manufacturing, with technologies for reducing CO2 emissions such as the CAMTRONIC engine management system. However, engines and numerous other components are also manufactured at the plant. The component factory is part of the automotive manufacturer's global Powertrain production network.

Documentation of all service data

FUCHS has now been responsible for Fluid Management at the Berlin factory for several years. The project includes 16 buildings on two sub-sites with over 850 machines and around 4,000 service points. Focus is on all industrial lubricants - from cooling lubricants, through hardening and washing media, as well as corrosion protection fluids, all the way up to industrial oils. Accurate documentation of all measures, consumptions, measured values, and activities means that over 10,000 service data records are archived in a dedicated FUCHS Fluid Management database each month. The service team comprises one project manager and 20 employees. In addition to this, up to 20 temporary staff members are deployed on weekends. FUCHS service specialists are on call around the clock.

FUCHS service specialists are on call around the clock.

Proactive detection of problems

When responsibility for Fluid Management was assigned externally, the objective was to secure problem-free, high-grade supply by qualified personnel. There have been no complaints in the many years. This shows that FUCHS is catering to the requirements and wishes of the discerning customer.

One key reason for the automotive manufacturer's satisfaction is the fact that FUCHS proactively detects problems and assumes responsibility for all organizational topics associated with lubricant management. In addition to this, FUCHS offers a flexible billing system based on operating load, an internal measured variable for the productivity of a factory. Thanks to the specialist knowledge of FUCHS, it was possible to optimize consumption, for example through condition-based replacement of industrial oils.

Genuine added value

FUCHS overcomes the many challenges faced within the scope of Fluid Management, such as managing numerous buildings, a large number of machines, as well as the customer's exacting scheduling and high quality expectations. FUCHS provides the customer with genuine added value through process stability and information on preventive maintenance with a motivated team of experts and highly trained professionals.

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