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PENTOSIN Dual Clutch Transmission Oils (DCTF) and Central Hydraulic Oils / Steering Gear Oils meet the highest OE quality standards. Conform to nearly every vehicle type and based on the latest technology, they offer optimum protection and performance and have unique original approvals.

With the PENTOSIN FFL series, FUCHS offers products with different manufacturer relevance:


  • Specially designed for use in Volkswagen (VW) dual-clutch transmissions (VW DSG (DQ250 / DQ500 / DQ400) 6 and 7-speed DSG) with wet clutch.
  • Transmission oil with original approval VW TL 52 182 (G 052 182) and JAC DTF630


  • The premium DCTF of the FFL series is used in ZF-DKG (7DTxx) and ZF manual transmissions (S6-35 (45), PORSCHE PDK, Mercedes Benz (MB) manual transmissions (from ZF), JAGUAR LANDROVER)
  • Dual clutch transmission fluid with official approvals: ZF TE-ML 11 and MB-APPROVAL 236.24


  • Premium performance steering and central hydraulic oil with a wide range of applications and release profile for different manufacturers.
  • Officially released for VW TL 52 146 (G 002 000), MB-APPROVAL 345.0 , PSA S712710, ZF TE-ML 02K (ZF000832), MAN M 3289 und CHRYSLER MS-11655B

Further information about the extensive gear oil types from FUCHS can be found here.

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