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SmartLevel - Digital Tank Level Monitoring

Our digital services for your car dealership and your workshop

Higher security of supply and less effort

Regular manual readings of the tank levels of your lubricants take time. In addition, this procedure carries the risk that the container will suddenly run out due to irregular or forgotten reading, and the right oil is no longer available when it is needed.
As a long-standing partner of the German Association of the Motor Trade, we know your workshop business and with our digitally supported services SmartLevel and QuickOrder we ensure that this problem belongs to the past. We offer our car dealership and workshop customers simple and reliable solutions for reordering automotive lubricants such as engine oils, transmission oils and service products from FUCHS in all available container sizes.

SmartLevel – our solution for tanks: tank level monitoring and automated reordering

Do you store your lubricants in tanks? Then we can help to ensure that you are always optimally supplied with lubricants with our digitally supported service SmartLevel. Benefit from a higher security of supply combined with less effort: With daily tank level measurement, you always have an eye on the levels of your lubricant tanks. As soon as your predefined stock level is reached, your trusted FUCHS advisor will automatically manage the reordering process of the right lubricant. SmartLevel combines intelligent and sophisticated technology with intuitive usability.

Your benefits of SmartLevel at a glance:

  • With our digital tank level monitoring you can reduce your administrative workload and reduce potential sources of error (e.g. due to irregular reading of the levels).
  • The daily level measurement combined with an automated reordering when reaching your defined minimum stock level enables you to optimize the time of ordering and stock keeping. In this way, additional costs can also be reduced (e.g. due to spontaneous express deliveries).
  • You can access your tank information at any time and from anywhere. The documentation creates transparency about your consumption and the calculated forecast values facilitate your planning.
  • Your tank farm is upgraded to the latest state of the art by adding modern sensor technology.
  • We relieve you of time-consuming work steps, so you can process your orders much more efficiently.
  • The handling of the SmartLevel-sensor is simple – should you have any questions, you can always contact your FUCHS sales representative by phone or send an email to smartlevel-fs@fuchs.com.

SmartLevel is that simple:


See the functions and advantages of SmartLevel in the video

Always have an eye on your tank information

Quickly get an overview of relevant tank related information:

  • Current tank level
  • Projected run out date
  • Further consumption data

QuickOrder – our solution for all container sizes: reorder at the touch of a button

With the QuickOrder button we offer our customers a solution for easy and fast reordering of lubricants at the touch of a button. The button can be used for all available container sizes: from the 1-liter can to the 60-liter drum to the lubricant tank.

Your benefits from QuickOrder at a glance:

  • Reordering lubricants has never been easier: at the touch of a button, you can reorder the right product when needed.
  • The ordering process is electronic: the display shows the date and time of the last order placed, making the process very transparent and preventing incorrect orders.
  • The ordering of lubricants is optimized: You no longer need to check your lubricant stock at regular intervals, thus saving time and process costs. As soon as you notice that the product needs to be reordered, you can place the order directly and easily by pushing the button.
  • The QuickOrder button is perfect for use in your workshop: The hardware is robust and the button has a long service life thanks to replaceable AAA standard batteries. No extra WLAN or Bluetooth connection is required.

QuickOrder is that simple:

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