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Sylt Leadership Academy

Kiel, 2019/05/7-8
Southern Germany, 2019/07/22-25
Northern Germany, 2019/08/13-15

Seven steps to greater customer satisfaction

FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE is a long-term partner of the German automobile industry. The continuous development of car dealerships and workshops is important to our company. Above all the topic of customer satisfaction is key for the future here.

For many employees, it is the concept of customer satisfaction that perfectly sums up why they enjoy going to work every day, where their high-quality and demanding work is valued by customers and superiors alike. When staff enjoy their work, customers notice this too. As a variety of surveys confirm, the motor industry succeeds in identifying and satisfying the needs and wishes of its customers every day.

Sylt Leadership Academy has been offering seminars for junior staff and managers from the automobile industry since 2015. The seminar on "Process in service" was once again booked up quickly.

The following focus topics were presented by the two certified behavioral profile analysts:

  • The seven service processes
  • Dos & don'ts in service
  • Recognizing and responding to customer behavior
  • Strengthening the team skills of service employees


The participants and Head of Sales Stephan Lenz (FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE) were very happy: "Awarding scholarships for this series of seminars is an important contribution to supporting our customers. The reactions of the participants show us that we are on the right path with this concept."

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Mannheim, 2019/09/20

The CarCamp is a BarCamp-format conference that brings together online experts from the automotive industry and those who want to become one. These include, in particular, users from car dealerships and workshops, but also activists and visionaries from the most diverse sectors of the industry. Anyone who can contribute to the topic or wants to learn from others is welcome.

The CarCamp offers participants a topical overview of the topics of online marketing and social media, employee branding, employer image etc. in the networked age. It addresses current trends and focuses, shows opportunities and risks offered by social media, shows best cases and participants' experiences, and provides participants with knowledge and tools that they can use to translate their good ideas into Facebook and Co.

Find out more: www.carcamp.de

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