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Events 2020/2021

“Herbstakademie Sylt“ – Academy Sylt

Sylt, 6 to 8 November 2020

FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE is a long-term partner of the German automobile industry. The continuous development of car dealerships and workshops is important to our company. Above all the topic of customer satisfaction is key for the future here.

For many employees, it is the concept of customer satisfaction that perfectly sums up why they enjoy going to work every day, where their high-quality and demanding work is valued by customers and superiors alike. When staff enjoy their work, customers notice this too.

The “Herbstakademie Sylt” is a product of the “Führungsakademie Sylt”. The idea of the event is to create a platform for further education and exchange. In terms of content, a wide range of industry-specific career questions and relevant social topics will be covered.

Federal Conference of the German Association of the Motor Trade

Frankfurt, 13 September 2021

FUCHS is a long-standing partner of the German Association of the Motor Trade. The 48th Federal Conference of the German Motor Trade will take place on September 13, 2020, in Frankfurt.


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