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Silicone pastes

The silicone pastes of the CHEMPLEX range are based on a specially conditioned silicone oil with the appropriate additives to meet requirements. The silicone pastes are particularly suitable for lifetime lubrication of plastic surfaces and valves supplying water or gas. The CHEMPLEX pastes are physiologically safe and compatible with plastics and elastomers. In addition, the products are resistant to ageing and cover a wide range of operating temperatures.

Silicone pastes at a glance:



CHEMPLEX 746 has a drinking water approval and is used, among others, for lubricating sliding pairings of plastic/plastic and plastic/metal. Thus the paste is suitable for lubricating gaskets, plastic bearings and a wide varieties of guides. Furthermore, CHEMPLEX 746 can be used in precision engineering, for plastic-coated wire ropes and in the food industry.

Max execution time: 240