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Gear Oils

Wide product range

FUCHS is a leading player in the field of power transmission engineering and its product range covers all industrial gear oil applications and performance levels.

Synthetic gear oils of the series

  • RENOLIN UNISYN CLP – polyalphaolefin-based (PAO)
  • ƒƒRENOLIN PG – polyalkylene glycol-based (PAG)
  • ƒƒPLANTOGEAR S – saturated ester-based (E)
  • ƒƒRENOLIN HighGear Synth – polyalphaolefin-based (PAO)
  • ƒƒRENOLIN UNISYN GEAR VCI – polyalphaolefin-based (PAO)

make up a complete portfolio of new-generation synthetic gear oils boasting maximum technical performance.

Mineral oil-based gear oils

In addition, FUCHS offers a comprehensive product range of mineral oil-based gear oils

  • RENOLIN CLP – demulsifying
  • ƒƒRENOLIN CLP PLUS – detergent with AO booster
  • ƒƒRENOLIN AWD – »High Brugger« lubricating oils
  • ƒƒRENOLIN CLPF SUPER – black, containing MoS2
  • ƒƒRENOLIN HighGear – flow-stabilizing/plastic deformation
  • RENOLIN GEAR VCI – special corrosion protection.

The optimum gear oil for every application. The optimum solution for every problem.

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