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Cleaning tanks / component racks

Fundamental principles for optimally-designed cleaning racks

It is essential that cleaning racks are constructed in an open manner to allow the optimum access of the cleaning fluid and associated mechanical influences such as flooding and ultrasound. Such designs enable shorter cleaning cycles and thus greater efficiency as well as better cleaning resulting from the best possible flushing and washing-off of particles and swarf and the better rinsing-off of any residual cleaning fluid.

Further benefits include lower cleaner drag-out which results in cleaner components, longer cleaning fluid life, less environmental pollution and, above all, to lower operating costs.

The following points should be considered when designing cleaning racks:

  • Open design for the best possible cleaning fluid access, cleaning action and drying
  • Avoid cleaning fluid drag-out and losses by minimizing horizontal surfaces and the use of smooth surfaces
  • Optimum anchoring of components with the smallest possible contact points which avoid component damage
  • Use flexible designs to lower rack investment costs when new components require anchoring changes
  • Use materials compatible with the cleaning media to promote better cleaning and to avoid environmental issues.

The subject of cleaning has significantly gained importance over recent years and is increasingly being planned into manufacturing processes. However, the significance of cleaning rack or containers is still being underestimated and such equipment is still only being considered late in the planning phase. This then requires compromises to be made regarding size, construction and design, and these in turn often undermine the quality and efficiency of cleaning operations.

Product portfolio of FUCHS cleaners

  • Neutral cleaner
  • 1-Component products
  • Builder + surfactants
  • System cleaner
  • Solvents
  • Special products
  • Water-based corrosion protection
  • Maintenance cleaner
  • Personal Care

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