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Forming Lubricants

RENOFORM - forming lubricants for the automotive industry and cold rolling

The production of flat products such as sheets and coils requires large quantities of lubricants. Depending on the application, rolling oils are used that differ significantly in their properties and must therefore be carefully selected.

Often, however, cold rolling oils are also adjusted to the process of the user. In the development of lubricants for rolling, therefore, the focus is on the selection of suitable, modern additives, which in addition to good tribological properties in the nip must not ignore important aspects such as care and behavior in the subsequent processes.

In addition, the requirements for the rolling oil are changed by different process parameters such as the material of the rolling stock, the type of equipment, the rolling speed, stitching decreases, the nature of the emulsion system and many more. In order to achieve the optimum in the rolling process, therefore, an adaptation of the rolling oil to the local conditions is often required.

As a result, many rolling mills use their "own" rolling oil formulation, so the selection of suitable additives requires from the beginning a close cooperation between the rolling mill and the lubricant manufacturer. FUCHS offers a network of specialists who can advise you and offer tailor-made solutions for every application.

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