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FUCHS offers modular services in the field of lubricant management


Ensuring profitable manufacturing in international competition while also remaining viable for the future is a challenge for every producing company. Continuous improvement of all production processes is essential here. Lubricants, whether industrial oils and greases or metal working fluids, directly and indirectly play a significant part in increasing efficiency in manufacturing.

On the basis of its many years of process expertise, FUCHS offers modular services in the field of lubricant management (CPM) that span all the way up to taking over the customer's complete lubricant management process.

In the automotive sector, FUCHS offers a well thought-out service to optimize lubricant management of car dealerships and workshops:

With FUCHS SmartLevel, we relieve our customers of time-consuming work steps associated with reordering automotive lubricants such as engine oils, transmission oils and service products from FUCHS. SmartLevel is a simple and reliable solution for tank level monitoring and automated reordering that ensures greater supply reliability combined with less effort for the customer.

This is how lubricant management works today.


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