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Maintenance of fluids

Equipment for working fluids and washing liquids

MINIPURE - Cutting Fluid Treatment Station

Range of compact systems for the cleaning of cutting fluids. These systems can be permanently or permanently installed.MINIPURE continuously removes all pollutants from the cutting and process fluid: micro-chips, fine particles, solid particles and whole oils resulting from the lubrication of the machine. MINIPURE contributes to:

• Master the cutting conditions

• Improve the quality of • produced parts (surface condition and particulate cleanliness)

• Limit the wear or breakage of cutting tools (tools for watering the center)

• Avoid clogging the machine's original filters, sometimes under-sized

• Increase the life of cutting fluids

• Eliminate odors related to bacterial development

• Reduce consumption of new cutting fluids and processing additives


Click here to see examples of baths treated by MINIPURE.

FUCHS LIVECASE - Coalescence Deaerator

Deep elimination of non-emulsified foreign oils. It allows a gain in efficiency and in cost, by the reduction of the frequency of emptying of the baths.

• Aspiration by float

• Pneumatic pump 6.8 Bars

• Compatible with aqueous fluids <49 ° C

• Available in high temperature version for washing <70 ° C

FUCHS TB 250 - Coalescence Deaerator

• Mobile de-oiling unit

• Flow rate: from 250 to 400 L / h

• Pneumatic pump

• Also available to treat hot degreasing baths

POCKET 50 - Digital refractometer

• Simple and fast control of the concentration of fluids (electronic measurement in 3 seconds)

• Weighing only 100g, it fits in the pocket or can be worn around the neck or at the waist.

• Large Brix scale from 0.0 to 53.0%

• IP65 protection against dust and water jets


• Static mixer for the production of emulsions or solutions of 1 to 10%.

• Energy supplied by the mains water pressure (from 2 bar).

• Also available in stainless steel version for strongly acidic or basic fluids.

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