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SOK U/K 105

Concrete release agent, preferred area of application: precast plants

Performance Features

  • operating temperature up to 100 °C (shuttering temperature)
  • contains very effective corrosion protection for steel shuttering
  • may be used anywhere
  • suitable for the production of fair-faced concrete
  • largely prevents pore formation
  • ensures the production of clean and uniform surfaces
  • does not impair the adhesion of plaster, adhesives and painting work


SOK U/K 105 is a concrete release agent, which is suitable for all absorbent and non-absorbent shuttering. The aromatics are extracted to a large extent from the solvent contained, resulting in a reduction of odours.

Field of application

SOK U/K 105 is suitable for all shuttering, e.g. roughly sawn and planed wooden shuttering, steel shuttering, film and plastic-coated panels, polysulphide matrixes and ABS foil-coated systems.


SOK U/K 105 is applied thinly and uniformly onto the clean and dry shuttering using a brush or a suitable spraying device (with Teejet nozzle SS 800067). Consumption: for non-absorbent shuttering 50-100 m²/l, for absorbent shuttering 40-80 m²/l. SOK U/K 105 should not be diluted with water, oil or solvent - it is ready to use !


- Storage temperature not below -5 °C.
- The duration of storage should not exceed 1 year.
- Store barrels horizontally.
- Seal container after use in order to prevent active ingredients from escaping at higher temperatures.

Please observe water resources policy act and EU safety data sheet!


  • Construction

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