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Advancement Helpers Initiative

We help succeed

This is the motto behind the advancement helpers initiative launched by the "Anpfiff ins Leben" association for young people together with eleven companies from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region – including FUCHS. The aim of the initiative is to improve the career prospects of young people.

Within the scope of this initiative, managers accompany and support young people with a keen interest in sports on their journey from the school classroom into professional life. They take on the role of mentor and contact person, or in other words, "advancement helpers“. The young people gain valuable insights into day-to-day working life through discussions and internships.

For the second time, Stefan Fuchs is taking on the role of "advancement helper" - this year for the young athlete Phillip Onos from SV Waldhof Mannheim. In his role as mentor, Stefan Fuchs is primarily involved in his academic development and the preparation for starting his career.

In this manner, the initiative aims to show young people concrete career options  as early as the career orientation phase, whet their appetite, embolden them and not least help them get used to taking the initiative in order to ease their transition to the world of work. At the same time, it grants companies access to committed applicants for training and study courses as well as insights into their views and lives.

Anpfiff ins Leben e.V., initiated and sustainably supported by Dietmar Hopp, pursues a holistic approach to support and covers the areas of sport, school, career and social matters. The association brings together top manages and leading figures from industry who want to help improve the career prospects of young people in the region. All information on the advancement helper initiative can be found at anpfiff-ins-leben.de.

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