A "Good Citizen"


A "Good Citizen"

Corporate citizenship is part of FUCHS company culture. FUCHS companies all over the world supported over 100 scientific, cultural and social projects from 2012 to 2017. More than one half of all FUCHS subsidiaries are active in this field.



Many children in India still suffer from starvation and are trapped in a vicious cycle of malnutrition and illiteracy. The ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is dedicated to combating this situation. Under the name “Annamrita”, the foundation distributes approximately 1.2 million meals every day to schools in seven Indian states – an incentive for thousands of children to attend classes regularly. FUCHS LUBRICANTS (INDIA) supports their efforts with a regular annual donation.

There are poor neighborhoods in the USA where only one children’s book is available per 300 boys and girls. Needless to say, this has a negative impact on their reading and communication skills. The Toys for Tots Literacy Program donates millions of books to children from disadvantaged families, which not only instils in them the joy of reading, but also helps them break out of poverty. That is why FUCHS LUBRICANTS (USA) decided to financially support this initiative in 2017.

The “Les Cerisiers” CESAP center in the Parisian suburb of Rueil-Malmaison provides daily care for roughly forty children ages 0 to 12 with multiple disabilities, and supports them in health, education and socialization. FUCHS LUBRIFIANTS FRANCE did not hesitate when they were asked for help. The run-down playground can now be modernized and expanded thanks to a large single donation from FUCHS France.

“The conclusion of our current survey for the years 2012 to 2017 is that corporate citizenship is an intrinsic part of our company culture,” says Apu Gosalia, Vice President Sustainability & Competitive Intelligence at FUCHS PETROLUB. “At the headquarters in Mannheim, we have been participating for several years now, such as via the FUCHS Sponsorship Award, which has been awarded since 2000 and has supported various social projects in the city every year since then. Nowadays, more than half of the FUCHS companies worldwide are involved in corporate citizenship, with roughly 30 percent of their activities focusing on education, and 20 percent each being dedicated to health and fighting poverty.”

Roughly 60 percent of the support measures are donations, 20 percent is social sponsorship and in about 10 percent of the projects, employees are personally involved as part of a corporate volunteering program. In total, FUCHS subsidiaries participated in over 100 projects from 2012 to 2017. “Our companies decide on initiatives that are suitable for the needs of the relevant country and locality and the subsidiary present there. Involvement within our corporation is correspondingly varied,” emphasizes Gosalia. “In the future, within our sustainability network, we also want to exchange corporate citizenship activities, present best practice examples and use this to convey ideas and stimulate actions.”

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