The Right Decision


The Right Decision

Compressor technology specialist HOERBIGER uses procurement of a cleaning system as an opportunity to make the switch to a new cleaning agent. Erik Funiok from Manufacturing Engineering at HOERBIGER Vienna explains how the partnership came about.

Erik Funiok (right) talking to the lubricant expert from FUCHS AUSTRIA.

Erik Funiok, Manufacturing Engineering at HOERBIGER Vienna, explains in an interview how the partnership with FUCHS came about.

Which parts do you clean using the new system?

We use the system to clean compressor valves.

Why did you make the switch to a new cleaning process?

One important reason was the relocation to the current site in 2016, during which the existing cleaning technology was also put on the test bench. The old system employed water-based cleaning. Although this is easier to handle from a chemical perspective, it is not ideal in terms of corrosion protection, as we have a very large number of cast parts. We therefore decided to look at alternatives. The new system, which is also supplied by Dürr, operates with a vacuum and uses modified alcohol. However, our primary focus was not on the actual cleaning process here. After all, the old system also produced clean parts. Instead, the focus was on preservation to guarantee a longer service life for the customer. HOERBIGER supplies facilities across the globe, including countries with various climatic conditions. We performed many corrosion protection tests at FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH to be on the safe side here.

What ultimately tipped the balance in favor of FUCHS?

The ANTICORIT MPC 5000. This allows us to eliminate the components' susceptibility to rust.

What were your requirements of the cleaner?

Preservation was extremely important to us. We were recommended ANTICORIT MPC 5000 by the machine manufacturers. This is how I came across the company FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GMBH. I was keen for both the preserving agent and the cleaner to come from a single company. I would make exactly the same choice again today.

Can you also handle difficult cleaning processes with the cleaner and preserving agent from FUCHS?

Yes. Interestingly, we can also use the new cleaning system to clean non-ferrous metals with the modified alcohol. This was simply not possible with the water-based system, where we encountered differences in color on the surface. Since the new system can cover the entire portfolio, we were able to leave behind one cleaning system at the old location. The decision to use RENOCLEAN was made by FUCHS.

Why use RENOCLEAN as your cleaner?

We are machining specialists, not chemists. 'The Product Management Team' at FUCHS really helped us a lot here. There were even times when we spoke on the phone until after 11 pm, as there were so many questions to address, for example regarding the chemicals used. The low flashpoint of RENOCLEAN was also discussed, particularly with regard to fire protection and questions relating to insurance. We had many long discussions, with questions including: Is it all rather sensitive? Do we have any problems relating to corrosion protection of parts when they are cleaned? 'The FUCHS Product Management Team' motivated us to continue along our path. Looking back, it was clearly the right decision.

How important is technical support for you?

Although we already had the machine for a week, we decided to wait so that we could commission it together with Dürr and FUCHS. Back then, it was extremely important to have a contact that knows what is going on, what we need to do and what problems could potentially occur.

'FUCHS' gave us the secure feeling that we had definitely made the right decision by going with modified alcohol and the new system, a Dürr EcoCCore. It is clear that you go where you can find the most information, help, and support. They are the experts on cleaners, preserving agents and metal forming oils.

What kind of soiling or dirt is on the components?

We are talking about emulsions, thread forming and cutting oils, potentially also upstream preserving oils and waxes, as well as chips and grinding residues. Overall, however, the components are not heavily soiled. Our primary objective was for a preserving agent to be applied in the machine in such a way that even the furthest corner of blind holes is still covered. This was simply not possible using the water-based solution. With the new machine, we can now apply the preservative everywhere in a wafer thin protective film.

Have you encountered any cleaning-related problems since? 

No. A residual dirt analysis following one year of use came back positive. The medium is therefore working correctly. However, requirements are getting stricter. We are only now starting to see what is actually possible with the medium, with the machine, and everything that can be achieved.

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