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Ecological Responsibility

FUCHS has set itself the target of continuously reducing its ecological footprint through targeted product-based and process-based measures.

  • FUCHS invests in modern and safe systems and process optimization. This helps reduce energy and water consumption, as well as production waste
  • With lubricant products that are optimally matched to their respective applications, FUCHS increases the efficiency of its customers' production process and makes a contribution toward reducing emissions
  • FUCHS invests in alternative raw material solutions that support the conservation of the environment and  resources
  • FUCHS' R&D activities are keenly focused on the development of resource-saving and environmentally-friendly products

With these measures, FUCHS is making a valuable contribution toward reducing its environmental impact and resource consumption, and thereby also contributing to sustainability in the ecological sense.

Targeted transfer of knowledge at all levels in the FUCHS Group and consistent compliance with specified guidelines/directives, as well as continuous measurement of defined KPIs, allow us to critically analyze our commitment.

Development of energy consumption (in kilowatt hours per ton produced)

Development of water consumption (in liters per ton produced)

Waste generation (in kilograms per ton produced)

FUCHS CCF (in kilogram CO2 e per ton produced)


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