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Economic Responsibility

FUCHS considers economic responsibility to be the adoption of a long-term business orientation with the objective of continuously increasing company value, as well as creating shareholder value. Business activities are therefore based on the following principles:

  • FUCHS bases its corporate decisions on realistic, economically sound and long-term objectives
  • FUCHS pursues a dividend policy that is geared to providing continually increasing, or at the very least stable, dividend payouts

The central key performance indicator (KPI) for corporate management is the FUCHS Value Added (FVA). As economic profit, the FVA embodies a holistic approach that takes into account both earnings (EBIT) and capital employed. At FUCHS, the development of net operating working capital (NOWC) has a particular influence on the level of capital employed. The main components of NOWC are inventories and trade receivables.

Economic indicators

FUCHS Value Added (FVA) in € million257246.2229.7
Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) in € million371342.2313.0
Net operating working capital (NOWC) in %21.821.321.0
Total dividend payout in € million *123113.3106.3


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