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Social Responsibility

For FUCHS, social sustainability means assuming responsibility both for its employees and for society at large.

Responsibility for employees: We see our employees as the basis of our success and have permanently anchored this concept in our personnel policy.

  • FUCHS is committed to compliance with human rights and labor standards, as well as to promoting health and safety at the workplace
  • FUCHS ensures a balanced mix of specialists and all-rounders when filling key positions at the company
  • Wherever possible, FUCHS also fills positions that become vacant with experienced employees from within the company
  • FUCHS invests in training young people, as well as in the development and promotion of up-and-coming talents
  • FUCHS offers its employees support in combining their career with a family

Responsibility for society: We are engaged in various corporate citizenship activities, as we also bear responsibility for our social environment.

  • FUCHS supports cultural projects with the aim of securing a versatile and attractive cultural offering 
  • FUCHS is committed to social projects and supports voluntary work, as well as social organizations and establishments
  • FUCHS promotes scientific projects and socio-scientific exchange

Social KPIs

Average age of employees in years434343
Age structure of employees in %
< 30 years
31 - 40 years
41 - 50 years
> 50 years 
Average lengths of service of employees in years101111
Employee fluctuation1 in %
Work-related accidents2 per 1,000 employees131616
Days lost due to sickness per employee787
Proportion of women in management positions in %202020
Average further training and education per employee in hours171918

Basis: FUCHS production locations (Group representativeness: 90%).
¹ Proportion of employees that voluntarily leave the company.
² Proportion of accidents requiring more than three days off work.


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