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Counter measures for the safety of the employees, customers and business operations of FUCHS LUBRITECH throughout the Corona-virus-crisis

Dear valued customer,

it is important to us as FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH to minimize the impact of the corona virus crisis for our employees, customers and suppliers. Therefore, as a company we totally support the defined counter measures of the German government in the current circumstances.

Consequently, in order to be in compliance with our responsible care obligations with the above mentioned target groups we defined and implemented the following measures since beginning of the crises:

  • Installation of an internal task force, who is in regular touch with the governmental health office and company internal specialized task forces
  • Safeguarding of proposed hygiene instructions and compliance of the recommendations of the internationally acknowledged Robert Koch Institute in all company departments
  • Regular updates to all employees about the current situation and the derived decisions (e.g. reduction of social contacts by utilization of home office opportunities, separation of departments as well as adoption of the set-up of production teams
  • Implementation of an overall travel and assembly ban (only one-on-one meetings, increased use of digital communication tools, international travel ban since the beginning of the crisis, car-only-policy for national travel activities)
  • Continuous and close revision and control of the supply chain closely aligned with all business partners (suppliers and forwarding agents) in order to ensure supply availability and capability
  • Compliance with defined health and safety code of conduct in the cooperation external partners (especially in the logistics area)
  • Regular control and adjustment of selected security stock levels of individual items by temporary expansion of production capacity

With the above mentioned counter measures we intend to contribute and support the health conditions of our employees, customers and suppliers and to secure our supply chain and operational business processes.

For further questions, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

We wish you and your family, employees and business partners all the best, especially health!

Kaiserslautern, March 17, 2020


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