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Railway traffic

As one of the world's leading manufacturers, we offer high-performance lubricants for optimum safety and performance in railway traffic. For every application we offer the right lubricant. Decisive for these applications are the technical performance of the lubricants as well as their biological degradability - two factors that we have concentrated on for years in the research and development of lubricants for railway traffic.

LOCOLUB ECO considerably extends the service lives of wheels and rails and increases availability through lower maintenance requirements and/or extended service intervals. LOCOLUB ECO leads to lower life cycle costs for the customer.

  • Unique performance - reduction in wear by up to 80% compared to conventional wheel flange lubricant
  • Special solid lubricants guarantee pressure and shear stability of the separating film
  • Increased safety - reduced risk of derailing
  • Biodegradability
  • Very good adhesion and spraying capability

Further products:

TRAMLUB SSM ECO is field-proven and has been approved by well-known customers. It can be processed with all stationary lubrication systems designed for consistent greases.

  • Excellent lubrication performance and maximum wear protection ensure quiet operation and long service lives of wheels and rails
  • Excellent adhesion and water resistance enable minimumn consumption rates and a long-lasting lubricating effect
  • Reliable operations due to outstanding low temperature characteristics in winter as well as high temperature and UV stability in summer
  • Biodegradability

TRAM-SILENCE products control the friction on the rail head and ensure quietness. They can be applied with a range of conventional wheel flange or rail lubrication systems, wherein even the minutest amounts lead to success.

  • Safety through friction control
  • Positive evaluations accordin to BOStrab regulations are available
  • Considerably reduces annoying squeling in curves
  • Protects against wear and corrosion and prevents rippling
  • Environmentally harmless
  • Extremely economical in use
  • Excellent adhesion, even on wet surfaces

Further products:

Switching points are among the most important and most sensitive elements on railways. TRAMLUB 384 G PLUS sets standards for this application in terms of corrosion protection, adhesion, cold weather suitability, penetrating capability and UV stability.

  • Constantly low friction values and actuating forces
  • Extension of relubrication intervals
  • Outstanding protection against wear and corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion, water resistance and UV resistance and at the same time excellent penetrating capability ensure smotth operation of the switching points
  • Biodegradability

Further products:


CEPLATTYN ECO 300 PLUS is an environmentally harmless, fully synthetic adhesive lubricant with outstanding wear protection characteristics thanks to its special solid lubricant combination.

  • Excellent pressure stability, even under changing loads
  • Outstanding adhesion and water resistance
  • High UV resistance
  • Biodegradability

In addition, CEPLATTYN ECO 300 PLUS is also suitable for the lubrication of screwed joints, handbrake spindles or horn cheecks on railway vehicles.

LAGERMEISTER 3000 PLUSLAGERMEISTER 3000 PLUS is a semi-synthetic, heavy-duty EP lubrication grease, which is characterised by extreme water resistance, outstanding corrosion protection and excellent adhesion properties.

  • Excellent resistance to washing out and off
  • Openly accessible steel surfaces are protected effectively against corrosion
  • Extension of relubrication intervals

LAGERMEISTER 3000 PLUS is suitable both for the protected areas of coupling systems, such as main bolts or crossing hubs, and for open parts such as sliding surfaces on the coupling head.

Max execution time: 240