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Release agents

Concrete release agents for the construction industry

High-quality concrete release agents are indispensable where the quality of a concrete surface is concerned. Based on our decades of experience, we have developed our high-performance product range with the brand name SOK. They are now utilised successfully around the world in precast plants as well as in structural and civil engineering. Our concrete release agents reliably fulfil all the requirements for modern concrete release agents, such as:

  • Easy separation of concrete and form
  • Concrete surfaces without pores and shrinkage cavities
  • Light-coloured concrete surfaces without discolouration
  • Clean forms
  • Protection of the form and easy cleaning
  • Temporary protection against corrosion on steel forms
  • Hygienic safety for the user
  • Harmlessness for the environment
  • Universal applicability
  • Cost effectiveness & Sustainability

The fact that we can provide eco-friendly, alternative waterbased products, e.g. our SOK AQUA range, as concrete release agents for almost all applications clearly displays and proves that quality, efficiency and environmental awareness can be reconciled.

Our product range is also constantly evolving through our close cooperation with those people who utilise our products. Continuous dialogue with our customers is important to us. This close cooperation, coupled with our years of experience in the field of release agents, ensures that we can continue to provide ongoing product optimisation for you. In case of sufficient quantities, we will develop concrete release agents for your specific applications and requirements.

Bitumen and asphalt release agents

Asphalt release agents prevent the asphalt from sticking to metal surfaces. Diesel is often used as a release agent but this affects the structural integrity of the asphalt laid on the road. Furthermore the environment gets heavily polluted by dripping diesel oil.

BITEEREX ECO, BITEEREX 1, BITEEREX AQUA and BITEEREX GRÜN are biodegradable asphalt release agents, which ensure that no parts of the fresh road coating adhere to tyres or steel rollers of roller compactors. These products can also be used on bitumen mixing, bitumen recycling, and road finishing machines, platforms of trucks and other machines, as well as for cleaning. BITEEREX 1 is ready for use, whereas BITEEREX GRÜN can be diluted with water. BITEEREX AQUA and BITEEREX GRÜN are especially suitable for use on rubber wheeled rollers.

In addition, BITEEREX ECO is not hazardous to water and has been awarded the EU Ecolabel (DE/027/229).

Die casting – release agents

The release agents of the LUBRODAL series ensure excellent releasing, high tool life and best part quality. Wetting, lubrication and cooling have been taken to account during development as well as economics. Due to high dilution ratios, our release agents enable an efficient way of working and prevent residues on the part or in the tools.

Release agents for the refractory industry

MOLYPAUL products can be applied without drips and enable clean demoulding. The moulded article remains free of unwanted discolourations and the mould is ready for the next use without the necessity for extensive cleaning. Multiple use of the casting mould is possible, since a new coating often doesn’t have to be applied before each use.

Max execution time: 240