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Highest protection against wear with maximum environmental compatibility

MEISSELPASTE (chisel paste) from FUCHS LUBRITECH has long been known in the demolition business as a very effective and reliable lubricant for hydraulic hammers. Especially in demolition work in environmentally sensitive areas the biodegradability of lubricants is of particular significance. We have developed MEISSELPASTE BIO to meet these requirements - a lubricant exempt from special labelling that is just as capable as our conventional MEISSELPASTE.

MEISSELPASTE BIO is available both in the 600 g SYSTEM REINER cartridge and in the 480 g screw cartridge.

Product properties

  • optimum wear protection
  • very good water resistance
  • no disadvantages compared to conventional chisel pastes
  • light colour for clean handling
  • rapidly biodegradable (acc. to OECD 301 B)
  • not subject to labelling according to the CLP regulations

Application fields

  • lubrication of plug-in tools and bearing bushings of hydraulic and pneumatic hammers
  • can be used in nature reserves and water bodies
  • suitable also for underwater and high-temperature applications
  • complies with the EAL guideline approving the lubricant for use in seaports