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Anticorrosion wax with good lubricating effect

Performance Features

  • temperature range: -40 / +70 °C
  • touch-dry and long-lasting wax film
  • hardly visible, transparent appearance
  • reliably prevents the development of corrosion in the long term
  • preserves tools and machines in ready-to-operate condition
  • protects bright metal parts against aggressive influences in the air during transportation
  • can be applied easily and economically, even electrostatically
  • lubricates well, does not have to be removed before the parts are put into operation


DECORDYN 350 is a transparent and liquid anticorrosion product when being processed, which, after the evaporation of the solvent, forms an adhesive protective film. This film also has good lubrication properties and does not have to be removed before the parts are used. DECORDYN 350 can also be applied by an electrostatic spraying process. A salt spray test was performed with coating thicknesses of 18, 35 and 50 µm. The test was aborted after 672 h. Corrosion could not be determined on any of the test sheets with a coating thickness of >35 µm.

Field of application

DECORDYN 350 is used for the storage of machine parts, plastics injection moulds, casting moulds, punching, stamping, bending and drawing tools which have to be stored temporarily but must be ready for use all the time. For bright machine parts and devices e.g. sliding guides, guide rails, clamping and alignment surfaces, which have to be reliably protected against corrosion before shipment. For intermediate storage of valuable semifinished parts in a corrosive environment. Subject to the number of applications, the treated parts can be stored between 6 and >36 months.

Method of application

DECORDYN 350 can be applied by spraying conventionally or electrostatically, immersion or with a brush onto dry surfaces. In case of extremely strong corrosive influences it is recommended to increase the thickness of the protective film by repeated applications onto each dry film. During application be sure to have good ventilation. Application from a spray can is possible without any problems, as DECORDYN 350 Spray.


  • Agriculture, forestry
  • Cement, lime, gypsum
  • Construction
  • Forging
  • Glass industry
  • Machinery, equipment
  • Metal processing
  • Mining, quarrying, exploration
  • Other industries
  • Power generation
  • Steel, metals
  • Transport

The information shown on this side is based on the experience and expertise of the FUCHS Group in the development and manufacture of lubricants and represents the current state of the art. The performance of our products can be influenced by a series of factors, especially the specific use, the method of application, the operational environment, component pretreatment, possible external contamination, etc. For this reason, universally valid statements about the function of our products are not possible. Our products must not be used in aircraft/spacecraft or parts thereof. This does not apply if the products can be removed again before the components are fitted in an aircraft/spacecraft. The information given here represents general, non-binding guidelines. No warranty expressed or implied is given concerning the properties of the product or its suitability for any given application. We therefore recommend that you consult a FUCHS Group application engineer to discuss application conditions and the performance criteria of the products before the products are used. It is the responsibility of the user to test the functional suitability of the products and to use them with the corresponding care. Our products are subject to continuous further development. We therefore retain the right to change our product range, the products, and their manufacturing processes as well as all details on this side at any time and without warning, provided that no customer-specific agreements exist that require otherwise.

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