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Light-colored, high-viscosity adhesive lubricant with white solid lubricants for Open Gears

Performance Features

  • temperature range (short term): -5/+140°C / +23/+284°F
  • recommended application temperature: >+10°C/+ 50°F
  • maximum permanent temperature in bath and circulation systems: +60°C/+140°F
  • for bath and circulation systems
  • excellent wear protection
  • suitable for kiln and mill drives
  • no self-ignition on the hot kiln shell
  • thick lubricating film
  • very good lubricating film stability on the stationary tooth flank
  • free of solvent and bitumen


CEPLATTYN GT 3 is a high-viscosity adhesive lubricant for heavy-duty Open Gears, e.g. on kilns, mills and driers in the raw materials industry, used with bath or circulation systems.
CEPLATTYN GT 3 is based on a synthetic base oil, new types of additives, and a combination of white, reaction-effective solid lubricants.
This combination guarantees an extraordinarily good wear protection and an extremely high lubricant film stability.

Field of application

CEPLATTYN GT 3 has been especially developed for the application on Open Gears under critical operating conditions, such as kiln and mill drives in the cement and mining industry.
CEPLATTYN GT 3 includes flame-retarding substances reducing the danger of ignition, e.g. on the hot kiln shell. Furthermore CEPLATTYN GT 3 has a restricted flowability outside the meshing and is thus prevented to a large extent from leaving the gear guard.
CEPLATTYN GT 3 develops a thick lubricating film on the tooth flank which does not flow off of the metal surface, not even after a stoppage of the equipment. Thus CEPLATTYN GT 3 reliably protects from wear in the starting phase of the equipment which can happen with conventional fluids.

Method of application

CEPLATTYN GT 3 is suitable for the application in immersion bath and circulation lubrication systems.


Shelf life: 24 months


  • Cement, lime, gypsum
  • Construction
  • Forging
  • Mining, quarrying, exploration
  • Power generation

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