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Quality and precision demand the right solution

A metalworking company that makes special products for international aerospace and defence customers needed to review its lubricant solution. The company had extremely high quality and production demands, and the machines had to run with flawless perfection around the clock, without any waste.

They had to find a lubricant solution that enabled maximum machinery utilisation, and also optimised the production process to improve overall economy. The company was looking for a lubricant supplier with technical know-how, that could analyse the situation on site and maintain a close, long-term relationship with the company’s in-house experts. For this reason, we were chosen for the job.


  • The company had tried various kinds of lubricants, but was unable to find one with the properties necessary for tough machining of e.g. titanium and Inconel.
  • The cutting fluids were not cleaning well enough.
  • Problems with foaming in the machines.
  • Valuable machined materials were having to be rejected.


  • In consultation with the company, we suggested a test using our COOLWAY EAL product on selected machines.
  • COOLWAY EAL is a cutting fluid for advanced metalworking, based on synthetic esters and synthetic base oils. It is designed for a broad area of application, while also providing an optimum working environment with minimum tool wear.
  • We also trained the company’s personnel in handling and using the cutting fluid.


  • The production process is now optimised.
  • The full capacity of the machines can now be utilised.
  • All the previous problems were eliminated.
  • The test was upgraded to a permanent solution for all machines.
  • COOLWAY EAL was a vital aspect of better overall economy. 

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Quality and precision demand the right solution

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