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Business continuity with regards to the Corona virus (COVID-19)

We are actively monitoring the situation in all of our locations and following the guidance of the local authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

We have an Emergency Response Team established to handle unexpected events. We have plans in place and the team is well prepared and is trained on crisis situations. We have taken measures in our Nordic organisation to reduce the risk of spreading of the Corona virus and to secure the continuity of our operations and deliveries.

We have also taken steps to make sure that our service partners have the appropriate business continuity plans in place to ensure continued operations.

We have issued a ban on international business travel for all employees.

Whenever possible meetings should be held over the phone/Skype/Teams. Only business critical meetings are allowed face to face.

Remote access
From Monday 16th of March we have instructed and recommended all functions with the ability to work from home to do so. We are an organisation with multiple, geographically diverse offices. Our team members can perform their roles and functions remotely and we continue service and availability to customers as usual.

Health and safety
We have communicated health and safety procedures to all employees and have advised those who are ill or who have family in their homes who are exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illness to stay at home. If they feel well enough, they may work remotely.

We will follow strict quarantine rules for employees who come in contact with someone who has been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19.

Our operations - Physical offices, plants and warehouses
We have rules in place to help ensure that anyone entering our offices or sites are healthy, that they are not experiencing any flu-like symptoms and/or have not travelled internationally in the past 14 days.

We have taken measures in our production to separate the shifts in production and separated the other key roles for some to be on-site and other working remotely. 

We are following up the status with all our suppliers on the situation to make sure we are alerted in case of disturbance in their operation or distribution. 

There is a risk that closed borders and restrictions by authorities will have an impact on the distribution in the Nordics. We have therefore, in an early stage, taken a dialog with our distribution partners. They have very early taken proactive measures for the chauffeurs and to respond to any disturbance, to be able continue with the distribution to customers.

Communication to customers
We have no known disturbance in our own operations due to Covid-19, supply of raw materials or transportation to our customers as of today. We are aware that further restrictions on borders or by authorities can change and our team will keep our customers updated with changes or delay on deliveries.


Do you have any questions, need help or wish to make an order? You are very welcome to contact customer service.

You can reach us by phone +47 21 99 59 50 or e-mail fse-post@fuchs.com.

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