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Production in Kaluga


In the midst of a slowdown in the economy, lubricant suppliers are trying to cut costs and offer more budgetary products. Enterprises, in turn, try to use these products more rationally, minimizing the loss both the lubricants themselves and the failure of equipment due to the lack of lubrication, corrosion and other factors associated with the use of lubricants, oils and hydraulic emulsions. In this regard, the selection of suppliers is not only a matter of quality requirements for the supplied products, but also the supplier's ability to ensure proper control over the operation of fluids in the equipment. September 19, 2013 in Kaluga, the official opening of a new modern FUCHS plant took place. The company, which meets the highest standards in the field of product quality, occupational safety and ecology, has been producing a wide range of motor transport lubricants (motor oils, transmission oils, shock absorber fluids) and industrial applications (hydraulic oils, Cooling means for cutting and grinding metals, compressor oils, etc.). The products are in demand and sold also outside of Russia, actively implemented in Kazakhstan and in Belarus. All this has allowed strengthening the company's leading positions in the market, and also helps to be closer to the consumer, allowing adapting to the needs of the market as quickly as possible due to more efficient use of production capacities. The focus on the development of new specialized and custom lubricants is a priority in the corporate policy of FUCHS, therefore the FUCHS plant in Kaluga, has been equipped with the latest technology, has a chemical laboratory equipped with high-tech equipment that carries out a three-stage quality control system in production and continuous monitoring during operation the FUCHS products.


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