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Quality control

Since our plant is part of the global FUCHS concern, we take on the most stringent quality standards that apply to FUCHS worldwide.

The first stage of control begins at the stage of acceptance of raw materials from approved suppliers - producers of base oils and additives. Base oils are the basis in which additives dissolve, imparting special properties to lubricants. All components are monitored not only by the indicators specified by the supplier, but also by the internal specifications of FUCHS.

After the entrance control, the raw material is taken into the warehouse complex, from where it comes to production. It should be especially noted that the preparation of concentrates of water-miscible liquids, in comparison with oils, is a more complex process and requires special preparation of equipment, as well as a more perfect production management system.

That is why, at our plant, we have fully automated the most important and important stages of the technological process. At these stages, all production is controlled by a robotic system that provides accurate dosing of components by strain gauges (i.e., by weight and not by volume).

After the batch process is finished, the employees of the quality control laboratory together with the shop operators select the sample from the mixing plant and send it to the analysis (the second stage of control).

After obtaining a positive conclusion from the laboratory, the batch is sent either to the tank farm for shipping in bulk or to the packing line. After confirming the full compliance of the quality of the batch, the product begins to be poured into the container, and the third - the final stage of quality control - begins. To exclude possible defects related to the effect of filling the lubricant, the sample is re-sampled from barrels, Jerri cans or containers, which again is sent for laboratory analysis and checked by key indicators.

The quality control laboratory is equipped with modern equipment from leading manufacturers of measuring instruments, both for controlling oils and water-miscible liquids:

• infrared spectrometers with different resolution, which allow to identify the conformity of the finished product to the sample according to a unique spectrum;

• X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometer, which allows to determine with accuracy up to a millionth of an elemental composition of a lubricant, which in turn is an accurate measure of the number of additives in the product;

• A laser particle counter, which makes it possible to make sure that the oil or concentrate that is produced corresponds to the required class of purity.

The laboratory employs highly qualified and competent employees who clearly understand the policy in the field of quality, labor protection and ecology. The three-stage quality control of the manufactured products guarantees that the products manufactured are no different from the products of a similar name imported from any of the factories of the FUCHS concern all over the world. Delivery of products that do not meet our quality standards or are unstable in their performance is simply impossible. The analysis is carried out according to the internal specifications developed on the basis of national and international standards.

Based on the analysis of the finished product, a quality passport is issued.

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