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Policys och Guidelines

REACh – Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals

The first phase of REACh was a pre-registration of chemical substances. Pre-registration meant that manufacturers of chemical substances could take advantage of the benefits which was connected with the transition regulation. Now the registration phase is ongoing. Our suppliers have pre-registered and / or registered all substances contained in our products.

FUCHS LUBRICANTS SWEDEN AB is a downstream blender and does not manufacture any chemical components. This means that Fuchs Lubricants, do not register any substances/components or products.

We have a continuous surveillance of how REACh progresses among our suppliers and will inform our customers if there will be any inconveniences due to REACh.

The vast majority of our products do not contain any SVHC components or components present on the Candidate list. (SVHC= Substances of Very High Concern).

If a product contains a SVHC component or a component that is present in the Candidate list, it is declared in the safety data sheet. For example a few of our metalworking products do contain boric acid salts. Boric acid is present on the Candidate list.

NB: Decisions about our product portfolio depends on many various factors, of with REACh is just one.

We hereby certify that none of our products contain the substances mentioned in directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)

Marie-Louise Linderoth, marie-louise.linderoth@fuchs.com & Jonna Gyll, jonna.gyll@fuchs.com

HSE Advisors Products, R&D Department

Our official REACh letter.

Quality Sustainability Policy

FUCHS LUBRICANTS NORDIC is part of global group FUCHS PETROLUB, which produces lubricants and related specialties around the world. At FUCHS, our commitment is to focus on lubricants and offer sustainable and efficient solutions for all issues and fields of application in the world of lubricants. We claim technological leadership in strategically important fields of application and our customers acknowledge us as the number one technology partner. Our dedicated corporate culture, coupled with our loyal and motivated workforce, is the strategic key to our success.

We claim technological leadership through sustainability

Quality and our customer’s trust is the foundation of our business. Directors, management and staff are responsible for quality control through our quality management system seeking improvement by constant review and risk analysis, with suppliers and sub-contractors being encouraged to co-operate. Our commitment in essence:

  • We aim for technological leadership in our core business 
  • We believe that our future oriented products contribute to environmental sustainability
  • We support our customers with knowledge and experience to achieve excellence in application of our products
  • We act proactively on product safety and comply with legislation and requirements
  • We engage approved suppliers who are able to show functioning management systems and provide us with required quality in product and services.
  • Manufacturing commit to zero vision regarding causing harm to environment
  • We pursue sustainability in our employment
  • Risk awareness should permeate all decisions

Business plans and commitment above constitute objectives for FUCHS NORDIC to be specified as targets for each part of the organization.

Stockholm November 2017

Jonas Palm, Managing Director

Our Quality Sustainability Policy.


Marie-Louise Linderoth

HSE Advisor Products, R&D
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Jonna Gyll

HSE Advisor Products, R&D
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Åsa Perlerius

Senior Quality & Sustainability Manager
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