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FUCHS Lubricants will be among the thousands of exhibitors at Fabtech 2019! FABTECH brings a wealth of innovation and technology solutions to Chicago this November.

Stop by Booth #D45136  to meet with our team.

November 11-14, 2019

McCormick Place

Chicago, IL

As higher yield strength steel alloys are developed and commercialized, formability decreases, while work hardening and associated spring back become more pronounced, often accelerating tool and coating wear. Selecting a lubricant that is designed to meet increasingly difficult forming conditions is a necessity for robust process design. FUCHS’ lubricant product range is comprised of all lubricant types used in press working for all alloys including ferrous, aluminum, magnesium and coated steels.


The growing variety of steel grades and part complexities used in finished product designs demand lubricants with the versatility to meet all die lube needs in the shop, while also providing corrosion protection to multiple substrate surface types. Ultimately, the lubricant residue must be compatible with the available cleaning system, or be sufficiently inert that cleaning is not required before further processing or assembly. FUCHS chemistries provide you with choices to optimize your entire process including cleaning, corrosion protection, adhesives or paint applications.


Employees and employers alike demand fluids that are safe in the work place. The regulatory environment demands innovation in lubricant design to assure compliance and minimize costs and risks related to fluid use, recirculation, treatment or disposal. FUCHS press lubes are designed to meet or exceed the latest regulations, and most often in advance of regulatory needs, such as chlorinated paraffin replacement.



Our experienced FUCHS team will be available to discuss custom solutions for your unique challenges.


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Heavyweight Solutions for LIGHTWEIGHTING PROBLEMS


ECODRAW BG  Unique active extreme pressure additives for advanced high strength steel alloys.
ECODRAW EGPeerless non-corrosive performance on zinc-coated substrates.
ECODRAW HVE Industry leader for versatile “house lube”. 
ECODRAW HVRGVersatile and robust in-die performance with exceptional corrosion protection.
RENOFORM SYN 4000Formulated for clean, low foaming performance with yellow metals. 
RENOFORM SYN 7000Heavy duty fluids with advanced corrosion protection and bio-stability for recirculation.


MONTGOMERY DB 4265C    Comprehensive industry leader, versatile “house lube”.
MONTGOMERY DB 4265BWIncreased oil content, versatile.
RENOFORM OS 7800Chlorine-free, heavy duty, multi-metal, excellent wetting, ease of cleaning and bio-stability.
RENOFORM OS 4000Chlorine and sulfur free, extremely clean and versatile.
RENOFORM OS 2800 Acceptable chlorinated paraffin with excellent corrosion protection and bio-stability.


RENOFORM SV  Complete range of vanishing fluids.  
RENOFORM OL 1000Low VOC replacements for vanishing fluids. 
RENOFORM OL 7000Chlorine-free, moderate to heavy duty, wide viscosity range, versatile and clean.
RENOFORM OL 8000Chlorine-free, extreme duty fine blanking applications.
RENOFORM OL 2000Acceptable chlorinated paraffin with excellent corrosion protection.
RENOFORM EXTUniversal extrusion and cold forming fluids.


Lightweighting of vehicles has become a significant part of the automotive industry’s strategy to meet CAFE fuel efficiency standards.  The use of aluminum, boron/martensite steel, and AHSS is lightening vehicles, but forming these metals have created new challenges for the industry. 

FUCHS has developed new lubricant technologies that can help resolve many of the issues associated with lightweighting.

  • Automotive OEM-approved forming lubricants that increase compatibility with adhesives in aluminum body panel stampings
  • Boron nitride-free lubricants specifically for use in hot forming aluminum
  • Chlorine-free lubricants to stamp advanced high-strength steel
  • High temperature lubricants that can be used in hot forming boron steel