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Join FUCHS in Colorado, June 1-4, 2020 for #CLEANPOWER2020, the largest wind energy event in the Western Hemisphere

Colorado Convention Center - Denver, CO

June 1-4, 2020

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We are located in Booth 509 next to the Education Station


GLEITMO® 585 K provides:

  • Outstanding wear protection, especially in shock loads and oscillatory movement
  • Extremely low operating temperature range allows the GLEITMO® 585 K to be used even in the coldest climate conditions
  • Protects against false brinelling and fretting corrosion
  • Approved by numerous OEM Turbine and Bearing manufacturers
  • Proprietary white solids provide protection against wear from the extreme vibratory environment seen especially in pitch bearings
  • Readily available in several package sizes

Product Features


  • Operating temperature range: -45°C to 130°C (-49°F to 266°F)
  • Outstanding wear protection, especially at shock loads and oscillatory movements
  • Excellent protection against standstill marks, fretting corrosion and tribo-corrosion
  • GE Energy
  • Nordex
  • Goldwind
  • MHI
  • Acciona
  • Clipper
  • ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde
  • IMO
  • ZS Schmieranlagen Vertriebs GmbH & Co.KG
  • Baier + Köppel GmbH + Co
  • mperature range: -45 to +130 °C
  • NLGI grade 2
  • Base oil viscosity (40 °C): 50 mm²/s


Grease application is two-fold. Given the geometry of the gear teeth, grease can be difficult and time consuming to apply correctly.

In a high-pressure application, grease is squeezed from the mating surface area introducing the lack of lubrication and a mess.  The solution is to use  CEPLATTYN 300 Spray which is an aerosol dry film.

CEPLATTYN 300 Spray is an aerosol that can be easily sprayed onto the mating surfaces. It is a dry film; therefore it will remain between the gear teeth and will not be squeezed out of the gear teeth interface due to the high load of the gear teeth. Thus, a lubricating layer is formed and will extend longer use life.

Product Features

  • Temperature range of lubricant film: -30°C to 250°C (-22°F to 482°F)
  • Dry lubricating film up to +500°C
  • Very good adhesion
  • Excellent protection against wear
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Forms a solid lubricant film under pressure
  • Forms a "dry" dust-repellant lubricating film
  • Water-resistant



Wind turbine generator bearings have high RPM and run hot. The wrong grease can bleed oil and become heavier thus causing the bearing to work harder and run hotter. This can cause temperature faults in the generator.

URETHYN XHD 2 was specifically developed for and extensively tested in wind turbines generators. It was designed to reduce oil bleed at high temperatures and speeds.

URETHYN XHD 2 is approved for use in GE wind turbines. The GE Part Number for URETHYN XHD 2 is: 109W7991P001.

Product Features

  • Specially designed for wind turbine generator bearings
  • Fully synthetic grease
  • Polyurea thickener, synthetic oil, additives
  • Wide temperature range: -40°C to 180°C (-40°F to 356°F)
  • Good pump ability in auto lubricators
  • Outstanding EP/AW properties, even in fluctuating operating conditions
  • GE Part number 109W7991P001


Meet with an expert

Our Wind Power experts will be available to discuss custom solutions for your unique challenges.

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