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Contact options on our website

You have the following different email contact options available to you through our website:



Type and scope of data processing

Every user of our website can send his or her queries or messages to these email addresses. Our central enquiry point and the relevant specialist departments - PR & Marketing, Investor Relations and Human Resources - will process enquiries/messages, based on the contact form you have used, by email. The data we collect is limited to the email address of the email account used by you to make contact with us, along with any personal data you provide us with in the context of your enquiry/message.

Legal basis

Data collection is permitted based on Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR, as there is a parallel interest between you and our company in making contact and communicating, as well as a justified interest on the part of our company in processing the abovementioned data in order to be able to respond to your enquiry/message. 

Data storage duration

The period of time for which the abovementioned data will be stored is dependent on the reason for your having made contact. Your data will be routinely erased once the reason behind the communications has lapsed and storage is no longer necessary (e.g. once your enquiry/message has been dealt with/responded to).

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri.: 8:30 - 17:30
Wed.: 8:30 - 15:15

Contact options on our website