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An industrial robot tirelessly assembling components with precision, enhancing efficiency in the heart of production. A wind turbine harnessing the power of the wind, generating clean energy to propel us towards a sustainable future.

That’s more than moving bearings, gears, hydraulics or joints. That’s


At FUCHS, we engineer complete lubrication solutions for technologies and projects that move us, our society and our entire world forward. No matter if it’s greasing for delicate medical applications, functional fluids for e-cars, custom innovations for the Mars Rover or anything else you need to run smoothly and efficiently: We’ll get it done. With unmatched service and unconditional reliability. Anywhere in the world – and even far beyond.


We’re not just here to offer you lubricants.

We're here to move your world.

Stefan Fuchs


So, how can we move your world?

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Standing still is not an option

We want to keep the world moving – with innovative and technological lubrication solutions that have a lasting impact on the future.


...by always standing at your side, no matter where.

Global customer orientation

We are there for you – on your continent, in your region, in your segment. We speak a common language and understand your needs. We are never far away: technically, physically or personally. Personal contacts are always available and happy to help. Throughout the world. As consultants, team partners, and problem solvers – offering a high degree of flexibility, agility and responsiveness. Let us provide you with precisely the solution you need.

...by thinking in solutions. Not in products.

Full solution provider 

We don't just develop lubricants, we develop intelligent solutions for highly complex challenges. These solutions not only improve friction and wear, but in some cases also the manufacturing process itself. Over 10,000 products are used to meet your specific requirements here. Efficiently and sustainably. For example with 360 degree project support, digital lubricant monitoring, and sustainable supply processes. You can then rest easy, knowing that everything is working as it should.

...by empowering you to perform more sustainable.

Sustainable & responsible attitude

Our production has been fully CO2-compensated since 2020 – where possible through greater efficiency and innovation, where necessary with carbon offsetting. Yet we also look beyond our own factory gates and support others in becoming more sustainable. Through a wide range of sustainability projects or directly at customer locations. We help the latter become more efficient and achieve their sustainability targets. These often take the form of common solutions that reduce friction in machines and thereby save both energy and CO2. This then benefits the environment, society at large, and the budget.



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