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Key Technologies

Pioneering XTL-Technology for a new generation of automotive lubricants that provides significant progress in the field of consumption reduction. Products manufactured on the basis of the newly developed XTL-Technology impress with better cold start behavior and lower consumption in terms of both fuel and oil, while at the same time offering excellent aging stability and operational reliability. XTL is an innovative formulation technology with optimized fluidity properties and unique viscosity-temperature behavior. FUCHS is a driver of innovation in this field.

At FUCHS we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology, whilst maintaining the tradition of producing consistently high quality lubricants.

The FUCHS TITAN range has been developed with leading car manufacturers to create a comprehensive range of high performance lubricants to cater for all of our automotive requirements.

At FUCHS we've grown with the demand of our customers - customers who demand the best - and the technology and R&D that goes into Fuchs products is second to none.

With a complete workshop range of RENOCLEAN lubricants, cleaners, greases and metal working products, FUCHS offers a solution for every cleaning, degreasing and lubrication requirement in your workshop.


FUCHS proudly supply high performance anti-corrosion preventatives for protection of cavities and assembled parts.

The ANTICORIT range of products guarantee optimum corrosion protection for short, medium or long term requirements.

Advanced and innovative AGRIFARM brand lubricants ensure the best possible reliability for all equipment, from engines and gearboxes to hydraulic systems in machinery and vehicles.

AGRIFARM products are high-end lubricants made by FUCHS which fulfil all the current standards set by leading manufacturers.

AGRIFARM boasts all-round protection for your machinery and for your farm.


FUCHS Australasia offers the most comprehensive range of lubricants for all areas in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, and related application fields.

The CASSIDA range is NSF-registered, Halal and Kosher certified, and are manufactured in accordance to ISO 21469 approved standards worldwide.




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