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Customer proximity – made in Germany

FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of FUCHS PETROLUB SE, has 4 plants in Germany (headquarters: Mannheim, plants in Mannheim, Kiel, Wedel and Bremen) and a team of app. 1,000 specialists. FUCHS SCHMIERSTOFFE is one of the largest lubricant suppliers in Germany and one of the leading original equipment manufacturers for the German automotive industry. With almost 100 employees in the field sales force and the internal sales force in Mannheim, customer inquiries can be received and resolved quickly and directly.

Customers include automotive suppliers and OEMs, companies from the mechanical engineering, metal processing, mining and exploration, aerospace, energy, construction and transport, agriculture and forestry, as well as the paper, steel, metal, cement, casting and forging industries, but also qualified lubricant dealers, car dealerships and workshops.

In our technology center in Mannheim and with the global FUCHS R&D centers we link interdisciplinary expertise in a quick and efficient way – and work on innovative lubricant solutions to meet the demands of today and tomorrow every single day. Therefore the product program from FUCHS offers a full range of more than 2,000 products and 6,000 articles of the areas:

  • automotive lubricants (engine oils, gear oils and specialties)
  • industrial lubricants (hydraulic oils, gear oils, slideway and turbine oils, refrigeration oils and many more)
  • metalworking fluids such as cutting fluids, quenching fluids and corrosion preventives
  • lubricating greases.

Technical and process-related services in the field of lubricant management complete the FUCHS portfolio.

The special quality of our products based on our long-term experience and development strength as well as the achievement of high defined standards. Extensive certifications, like IATF 16949, and OEM approvals, as well as the fulfilment of international standards, confirm our comprehensive quality management. 

CO2-neutral company worldwide

Since January 2020, FUCHS has been a global CO2-neutral company and provides its customers worldwide with lubricants from CO2-neutral production. The FUCHS CO2 neutrality strategy is embedded in its sustainability strategy, which was launched in 2010. In order to implement CO2 neutrality as early as 2020, FUCHS compensate for its emissions that have not yet been avoided by then by investing in high-quality climate protection projects that primarily promote the expansion of renewable energies.

FUCHS lubricants are tailor-made, stand for performance and sustainability, safety and reliability, efficiency and cost savings and meet the highest quality requirements. FUCHS lubricants stand for a promise:

Technology that pays back.


Friesenheimer Straße 19
68169 Mannheim/Germany
Phone: +49 621 3701-0
Fax: +49 621 3701-7000
E-mail: zentrale-fs@fuchs.com

LUBRITECH division

As a global division within the FUCHS Group, the term LUBRITECH stands for lubricants and release agents for the most demanding applications in highly specialized market sectors and niche applications. FUCHS LUBRITECH GmbH

Service Contact
+49 (0) 621-3701-0