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There’s more to lubrication than just oil

FUCHS Smart Services bring far more to the table than “just” a product. Instead, we combine performance fluids, digital technologies and a wide range of services into customized solutions. Solutions that do not only fit your individual processes perfectly but strive for improvement – along every step of the way and beyond.

Pushing forward – with a reliable partner

At the very core of everything we do is a promise of reliability. We move your world – not just to keep things running at all times, but to improve your whole production process. To do so, we constantly look ahead and at the big picture. A holistic approach that encompasses ecological, social and economic aspects.

At FUCHS Smart Services, MOVING YOUR WORLD means to constantly push forward. To strive for novel solutions that not only keep your machines running today, but unfold the potentials of tomorrow.

Let's assemble your solution

Start a partnership that will push your business forward.

Matthias Klar, Head of Chemical Process Management

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What drives our process

In order to move your world, we believe it‘s essential to become an integral part of it. Sharing not only data but also new ideas, technologies and processes. In turn, this allows us to integrate our expertise and tools into your business as well as your equipment. For example with experienced on-site technicians or remotely connected experts but also through ready-made sensor based solutions and sophisticated software for self-service. All to identify and prevent problems before they arise.

Transparency and insight are key to everything we do. Established with precise data and expert review, they allow us to identify untapped potentials – and work together more closely in order to achieve them – for example by monitoring the condition of products and machines or improving your processes.

Maximum machine availability and minimized total cost of ownership are what we strive for. To achieve these goals, we leverage a solution-driven mindset and interdisciplinary expert knowledge along the entire lifecycle. An approach that enables us to take care of everything from air-leaks to zero-waste policies.

The approach


Our approach starts with an analysis of your situation and processes. Together, we then create a solution that perfectly matches your goals. This might be an individual product, services (such as training or maintenance), a digital solution, or everything together as a complete package.

Customized solution

Modular is our standard
Our solutions’ basic pieces are completely modular and can be combined freely to suit your specific situation and goals. Regardless of its constituents, your solution will always be based on the holistic FUCHS process.

Understand – Assess and Analyze




Develop – Plan and Set-Up


    • Lubricants
    • Lubrication
    • Equipment
    • Digital Tools
    • Processes
    • Project Management
    • Maintenance



Manage – Implement and Operate

FUCHS Smart Services sends you qualified Service Technicians who carry out measurements  on site regularly and document the data (e.g. coolant checks). Our application technology evaluates the measurements and specifies actions for each machine.

  • Consistently reliable results
  • Control of the lubricants by experts
  • More stability, less consumption, sustainable
  • Compliance with all legal requirements

A simple service for handling coolants:
Take a sample, pack it in the supplied kit (prepaid), note the date and put it in the mail box.

You receive:

  • Coolant measurements PLUS rapid titration
  • Assessment of the results by the application technology
  • Stability control of the coolant (actions per machine)
  • Complete documentation

Added Value:

  • Evaluation of stability reserve
  • Increase in lifetime, less adjusting agents, cost savings
  • More occupational safety for the employees
  • Legal regulations are complied with, audit security
  • More sustainability in the lubrication process

The highly modern lubricant laboratory center of FUCHS in Mannheim houses research and development for the individual product areas as well as the quality and service laboratories. In the latter, about 5,000 analyses are carried out every week. In the scope of these, 120 methods are used, in accordance with international standards. Many of them are carried out with 50 latest-generation testing devices.

Thus, a wide variety of used oil analyses and continuous monitoring with trend analysis are realized. In addition, product tests are monitored analytically. This enables a quick and well-founded reaction to all practical requirements.

The extensive expertise of the laboratory center enables quality, service and development at the highest level.

FUCHS Smart Services operates laboratories on site. With laboratory staff who receive further training at the laboratory center in Mannheim. This ensures method qualification according to the FUCHS standard.

This results in consistently reliable results, proven audit-ready laboratory performance and on-site control, enabling a fast, flexible response. This leads to increased process safety and savings.

Fluid Management from FUCHS Smart Services combine the entire range of experience of the lubricant specialist FUCHS with service expertise from more than 25 years of carrying out Fluid Management projects on site, at the customer. The resulting technically qualified service is oriented towards a long-term, sustainable development of the lubrication and all subsequent processes on site.

A qualified FUCHS Smart Services team takes care of all lubricant-related issues at your site. The basis is an optimized lubrication service concept that is drawn up at the start of the project and is constantly reviewed and further developed. The solutions of the FUCHS Smart Services range are selected appropriately. The concept focuses 100% on the lubricant and the resulting requirements and optimizations. The result is a reliable service in which the right lubricant is handled correctly. A significant contribution to strengthening sustainability.

As a general supplier, FUCHS Smart Services takes responsibility for the procurement of all lubricants. Qualified employees in the FUCHS team handle all tasks. A central contact coordinates all issues relating to the supply of lubricants.

  • Savings in effort and costs
  • Savings through possible sort rationalization

FUCHS Smart Services relieves the plant logistics and takes over the workload for the lubricant warehouse. In combination with the general supplier module, the right lubricant is always on site and can be supplied for use. Billing is simple and clear in just one monthly invoice. As an option, the stock can be taken over completely and the warehouse can be managed as a consignment warehouse - for all lubricants.

  • Process improvements through bundling of responsibilities
  • Savings in costs and effort
  • Fewer processes, thus saving resources
  • Only one contact person, thus process optimization
  • Reduction of holding costs

Information as a service

Data collection, integration and aggregation

Software as a service

Information access, visualization and analysis

Management as a service

Remote service and on-site management support

As lubricant specialist, FUCHS is in intensive dialogue with its customers. The extensive experience we have gained in the use of lubricants is the basis for equipment solutions that we can recommend to you and that you can obtain easily and directly from us.

That includes for example

A well-founded and easy-to-use documentation solution is one cornerstone of a functioning Fluid Management. Only in this way the large amount of data can be meaningfully mapped and evaluated. With FluidsConnect by FUCHS Smart Services, FUCHS offers a database that has been specially developed for these tasks - in collaboration with our customers to generate a maximum of usable performance.

In regular reports key figures for the use of lubricants in your company are shown. This enables standardized and structured monitoring of the status and progress. As a base for all process and product optimizations.

The scope of services covers the following functionalities:

  • Complete documentation
  • Measured values, consumption values, activities
  • Control of consumption and costs
  • Online solution, thus easy access at any time
  • Scan at the machine via QR-Code devices or mobile phone (app)
A Solution for everything: FUCHS Service for Open Gears

One of our core competencies is the inspection, maintenance and repair of open large gear units in the primary industry. The comprehensive service package essentially consists of the basic module and additional services.

The basic module includes the measurement of various operating parameters as well as corresponding documentation in order to have all relevant data available at a later point in time.

The additional services include e.g.:

  • Cleaning of the gearing
  • Mechanical reworking of the bearing flanks
  • Forced running-in of the gearing

With FUCHS Smart Services, gearbox lifetimes of over 40 years are not uncommon.

Optimize – Finetune and Reuse

The optimization check offers the possibility to analyze defined questions regarding the use of lubricants in a well-founded manner. The process is analyzed, key figures are derived and evaluated. This results in actions with the aim of achieving optimizations.

In this way, contributions are made to sustainability and CO2 reduction, to effort and cost savings and to the improvement of TCO. Finally, safety is improved by compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety regulations.

A dedicated application engineering department pools the experience gained from thousands of customer use cases and close cooperation with the product management departments and research and development.

The lubrication processes are assessed in a well-founded technical manner, allowing problem solutions and optimizations to be developed in a focused way. The measures developed are supported in trials and continuous operation and are surveyed and controlled with the help of monitoring solutions.

One element of implementing a successful sustainability strategy is maximizing product benefits. For this purpose, FUCHS Smart Services offers a whole range of classic and digital solutions that are combined into highly effective support concepts in order to optimize the use of lubricants as much as possible and consequently make an important contribution to saving resources.

We train your employees on all important topics relating to lubricants. Across all product areas.

This contribution to improving the qualifications of your employees generates increased awareness of all lubricant topics and thus ultimately ensures greater safety in production.


Manage options

No matter the circumstances you operate in or the challenges you face – we’ll find a suitable way to deliver our services, tools and lubricants. In order to facilitate this level of customization, the options to implement your solution range from one time visits – for instance to set up a piece of technology – to more long-term support. For example, the continuous remote analysis of your lubricants condition or the on-site management of stocks and waste.


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