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FUCHS SE and Mercedes-Benz AG announce strategic business partnership to drive a quality collaboration in the Automotive After-Sales

04.04.2024 - 12:00

FUCHS SE and Mercedes-Benz Global Customer Service & Parts are pleased to announce a strategic business partnership aimed at fostering innovation, technology, and sustainability in the automotive After-Sales. The two companies have signed a collaboration contract on March 28. This marks a significant step forward in advancing technology and exceptional quality and responsibility within the automotive sector.

The partnership between the FUCHS Group, the world's largest independent supplier of lubrication solutions, and Mercedes-Benz Global Customer Service & Parts, renowned for the global Mercedes-Benz service network, is poised to redefine automotive lubrication standards and deliver enhanced performance by providing tailormade lubrication solutions for Mercedes-Benz customers.

Through this strategic alliance, both companies will leverage their respective expertise to develop innovative solutions that optimize vehicle performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

"At Mercedes-Benz Global Customer Service & Parts our top priority is to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, truly caring for their vehicles by offering high-performing, innovative and more sustainable products," stated Andreas Jörg, Director of Service & Parts Business and Warranty & Goodwill Mercedes-Benz Cars of Mercedes-Benz Group AG. "Our strategic partnership with FUCHS SE is an exciting opportunity to further enhance our commitment to our customers by collaborating on innovative technologies that will shape the future of mobility & customer experience."

FUCHS SE shares a similar sentiment regarding the partnership's potential impact. "We are thrilled to join forces with Mercedes-Benz Global Customer Service & Parts to push the boundaries of automotive technology," said Stefan Fuchs, CEO of FUCHS SE. "FUCHS has a long history of working with Mercedes-Benz with most notably as the original partner for the genuine oil program. Together, we will work towards developing lubrication solutions that not only enhance vehicle performance and reliability but also promote environmental stewardship."

As part of their collaboration, FUCHS and Mercedes-Benz Global Customer Service & Parts will also explore opportunities for joint marketing initiatives, educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable mobility solutions.

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