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Perfluorinated high-performance lubricating fluid

Performance Features

  • temperature range: -40 / +200°C
  • invisible
  • incombustible
  • good material compatibility
  • remains effective for a very long time


CARBAFLO KSP 105 is clear and transparent, incombustible and non-toxic.

Field of application

CARBAFLO KSP 105 reduces mechanical noise due to stick-slip effects in the passenger compartment of cars, e.g. leather creaking, squeaking of the instrument panel and interior trim. Furthermore CARBAFLO KSP 105 may be used for the maintenance of electrical contacts.

Method of application

CARBAFLO KSP 105 can be applied to the clean surface by wiping, brushing or dipping. After its application CARBAFLO KSP 105 forms an invisible and non-reactive lubricating film on the component’s surface. CARBAFLO KSP 105 can be applied during production or assembly.


CARBAFLO KSP 105 is used and recommended by the leading automotive manufacturers.


  • Automotive
  • Other industries
  • Consumer, aftermarket

The information shown on this side is based on the experience and expertise of the FUCHS Group in the development and manufacture of lubricants and represents the current state of the art. The performance of our products can be influenced by a series of factors, especially the specific use, the method of application, the operational environment, component pretreatment, possible external contamination, etc. For this reason, universally valid statements about the function of our products are not possible. Our products must not be used in aircraft/spacecraft or parts thereof. This does not apply if the products can be removed again before the components are fitted in an aircraft/spacecraft. The information given here represents general, non-binding guidelines. No warranty expressed or implied is given concerning the properties of the product or its suitability for any given application. We therefore recommend that you consult a FUCHS Group application engineer to discuss application conditions and the performance criteria of the products before the products are used. It is the responsibility of the user to test the functional suitability of the products and to use them with the corresponding care. Our products are subject to continuous further development. We therefore retain the right to change our product range, the products, and their manufacturing processes as well as all details on this side at any time and without warning, provided that no customer-specific agreements exist that require otherwise.

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