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Eco-friendly wheel flange and rail lubricant as per OECD 301 B

Performance Features

  • temperature range: -30 to +80 °
  • provides good corrosion protection
  • outstanding adhesion
  • superior wear protection
  • the combination of solid lubricants guarantees a shear and EP-resistant separation of the friction partners
  • very water and UV-resistant
  • classification as per OECD 301 B: easily biodegradable
  • Ecolabel, Contract DE/027/288, packaging units: 45kg, 50kg, 190kg


LOCOLUB ECO PLUS is a light-coloured and smooth semifluid grease consisting of a rapidly biodegradable base oil and a Ca thickener, complemented with an ideal combination of solid lubricants.

Field of application

LOCOLUB ECO PLUS is used for wheel flange lubrication of railroad vehicles, e.g. high-speed trains, streetcars, tramways.
LOCOLUB ECO PLUS was also successfully tested for its suitability as top-of-rail conditioning agent in accordance with EN 15427-2 using the MTM and 2-disk test rig.
Furthermore LOCOLUB ECO PLUS may be used on machinery and equipment such as wheel flanges of portal cranes or sliding platforms, etc.

Method of application

LOCOLUB ECO PLUS can be applied via automatic wheel flange lubrication systems, e.g. Beka Fluilub, Bijur DeLimon, Rebs, etc.


  • Transport

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