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Central hydraulic power steering

Central Hydraulic / Power Steering Fluids

FUCHS TITAN CHF – The most extensive portfolio of central hydraulic and power steering fluids

Vehicle development is highly progressive in terms of performance, comfort and equipment. Modern central hydraulic and power steering systems require special formulations to ensure best performance, durability and especially safety. For this reason, manufacturer approvals are essential.

Did you know that the majority of our TITAN CHF series (formerly PENTOSIN CHF) was developed for initial filling by various OEMs?
This means that our central hydraulic and power steering fluids cover the highest OEM quality standards. There are several applications for TITAN CHFs:

  • Power steering system
  • Chassis level control (direct intervention in chassis dynamics)
  • Actuator for transmission
  • Hydraulics for convertible top
  • Hydraulic support for tilting the cab

For example, the Premium Performance Steering and Central Hydraulic Fluid TITAN CHF 11S (formerly PENTOSIN CHF 11S) has a unique release and application profile. TITAN CHF 11S is the reference in a variety of applications: Power steering, comfort hydraulics and as actuator fluid.

Our TITAN CHF series offers many advantages

  • Optimized steering compatibility
  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Low dynamic friction
  • High thermal stability
  • Very good heat transportation
  • Very low foam and cavitation tendency
  • Efficient wear protection
  • Excellent filterability
  • Optimized viscosity
  • High viscosity index
  • Outstanding cold temperature properties

PENTOSIN products are now available under TITAN.

Good to know

The basics of hydraulic steering aids have been known for a long time. The first patent for a power steering system was granted in 1902. GM and Chrysler introduced cars with power steering in the 1950s. Today, almost every car has power steering, as the trend is toward front-wheel drive, heavier vehicles, wide tires and increased steering forces.

Hydraulic fluids ...

... offer optimal performance,

... extend the service life,

... reduce the maintenance effort.

PENTOSIN becomes TITAN. Everything else remains the same.

In order to achieve a clearer product structure, PENTOSIN‘s well-known CHF range of central hydraulic and power steering fluids is harmonized with our automotive leadbrand TITAN.

  • The formulation of our proven products remains identical.
  • The unique performance profi les with exclusive manufacturer approvals remain unchanged.
  • It remains the same: FUCHS continues to offer you an excellent portfolio of central hydraulic and power steering fluids.

The CHF range remains what it has always been: Central hydraulic and power steering fluids of the highest quality.

In that respect we remain true to ourselves - and to you.


Brand integration TITAN

Outlet of PENTOSIN (axle-) gear oils, engine oils, antifreezes, brake fluids

Fusion of Deutsche Pentosin Werke GmbH (DPW) and FUCHS Schmierstoffe GmbH. Until then both companies have had different core products, on which the development and the cooperation with the OEM had been focused.

After comparing these two “specialists“, we established PENTOSIN as an automotive lead brand for dual clutch transmission fluids, central hydraulic and power steering fluids next to TITAN and MAINTAIN lead brands –all three under FUCHS umbrella brand.

Acquisition of Deutsche Pentosin-Werke GmbH

Max execution time: 240

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