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CEPLATTYN GT – The ultimate Open Gear Lubricant

The next generation Open Gear lubricant – made from years of experience

CEPLATTYN GT is state of the motion. It combines the benefits of commonly used graphitated products and high-viscosity fluids and thus taking Open Gear lubrication to a new level. As opposed to conventional fluids, CEPLATTYN GT develops a thick lubrication film on the tooth flank which does not flow off and still adheres to the tooth surface even after a long downtime of the drive. CEPLATTYN GT itself is light colored as it consists of a synthetic base oil and a combination of white solid lubricants. The highly viscous CEPLATTYN GT contains flame-retarding substances preventing self-ignition, e.g. on the hot kiln shell.

Advantages of CEPLATTYN GT in short

  • excellent wear protection of your gear
    proven and verified by practical tests
  • reduced costs
    because of lower consumption compared to other lubricants
  • reduced complexity
    one lubricant for all Open Gears
  • minimized risk of damage after downtimes
    adheres to cold and hot tooth flanks thus ensuring safe start-ups
  • outstanding emergency running properties
    extra protection while operation in the boundary friction range e. g. for slow running gears
  • high safety
    flame-retarding additives preveting self-ignition, e. g. on the hot kiln shell

All statistics at a glance: with the FUCHS LUBRICANTS INSPECTOR

Efficiency and convenience finally combined: With the FUCHS LUBRICANTS INSPECTOR, FUCHS LUBRITECH offers an App based documentation with an integrated, graphical trend analysis enablies you to retrieve relevant information online and the lubricants used at any time.
The Open Gear service, combined with the online provision of inspection reports, is a further step towards being able to operate Open Gear drives reliably.

CEPLATTYN GT: Delivering lowest possible Total Costs. Assured!

The superior lubrication quality of CEPLATTYN GT leads to reduced wear, vibration and maintenance efforts and therefore increased efficiency. That’s why our customers not only love to work with it, but also love to calculate with it.

Reassuring, isn’t it?


CEPLATTYN GT lubricants pay off. Just ask one of our satisfied customers

Once you switch to CEPLATTYN GT, there will be no need for any other lubricant any more. That’s because customers are satisfied through and through, from the production and maintenance teams to the purchasing department. Overall efficiency goes up for Open Gears, while lubricant and energy consumption goes down. Give it a try and experience for yourself what CEPLATTYN GT can do for you.

Convince yourself.





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