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Advanced technology

Innovation and technological leadership for lubricants

The high level of innovative power is a key driving force in the FUCHS business model. FUCHS excels through its above industry-average speed of innovation and high degree of specialization. The objective is to continuously develop the potential of lubricants; that is, increasing efficiency as well as prolonging product lifecycles, developing multifunctional lubricants and innovative products for new technical and regulatory requirements and improving energy, process and cost efficiency. At the same time, we are committed to sustainable objectives and the aspiration to develop lubricant solutions that contribute to conservation of the environment and resources.

Great emphasis is therefore placed on research and development in the FUCHS Group. The company currently has more than 600 ongoing research and development projects that aim to evaluate the potential of new technologies such as nanotechnologies or minimum quantity lubrication. These projects are supported by around 400 engineers and scientists at 25 laboratory locations throughout the world. Approximately 10 % of the laboratory employees work in the field of research and development – and FUCHS continuously invests in the further expansion of its technical and personnel capacities. The ultra-modern Technology Center at the headquarters in Mannheim coordinates the international network of experts, brings together expertise and supports knowledge transfer on global requirements.


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