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UV-traceable anti-squeak coating

Performance Features

  • temperature range: -54 / +220 °C
  • easy application
  • very good sprayability
  • non flammable
  • durable and virtually invisible film
  • allows simple detection
  • exceptionally low friction coefficients
  • UV lamp with a wave length of 340 – 380nm


CARBAFLO XTR5F-80 is a UV-tracable anti-squeak coating based on CARBAFLO XTR5F. The PFPE-based carrier liquid is applied by spraying or wiping-on. After the evaporation of the carrier liquid a thin, anti-squeak-effective film remains which can be detected on any surface by a UV lamp.

Field of application

CARBAFLO XTR5F-80 is used as anti-squeak lubricant in vehicles: seals & sealing systems, bushings, gears, pivot pins, springs, facia & console, door & sunroof elements, inner door panels, fasteners & clips, controls, switches & sliding rails. CARBAFLO XTR5F-80 is a durable and cost effective alternative to tapes which are difficult to assemble, coatings and velour tape kits.

Method of application

Different manual or automated application options are possible.


  • Consumer, aftermarket
  • Automotive
  • Other industries

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