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FUCHS compliance management system

As a globally operating lubricant group with activities in various fields of business, FUCHS is continually exposed to competition. And we face this competition without any restriction. To us, fair competition is the basis of integrity and progress; it provides us with options and development opportunities in the market.

The actions of every FUCHS employee must be guided by compliance with the prevailing law. Management and employees are, without exception, called upon to observe, as part of their work-related activities, the respective applicable laws, guidelines and social standards, irrespective of whether these are supranational or local rules. Unlawful behavior risks damaging our image; it weakens our market position and may lead to economic damage for our company.

In 2004, FUCHS launched a Code of Conduct that sets forth, among other standards, the principles of fair competition, transparency and integrity. Corporate Governance and Compliance are directly assigned to the Board of Directors. The Compliance Management System of FUCHS includes a Chief Compliance Officer and a compliance organization that supports and advises our employees worldwide. Each local unit is assigned one compliance officer.

The third amended version of the Code of conduct which has been reissued in 2016 and the guidelines that apply to the most important areas of compliance, which include but are not limited to anti-corruption and competition, are a binding framework of action to guarantee that everyone’s conduct is at all times in accordance with the law and conforms to ethical principles. Added to this initiative are information and training measures, the consistent analysis and sanctioning of breaches of compliance regulations, a compliance hotline, regular compliance reporting as well as a dedicated compliance audit.

FUCHS Compliance Communication

Effective 15 September 2014, FUCHS has launched an internet-based reporting system called FUCHS Compliance Communication. The system is based on the standardized solution of the service provider Business Keeper AG fulfilling highest IT security standards. It enables the user to describe her/his observations in detail and to enter into dialogue with the Compliance Officer. If desired, the user can remain completely anonymous throughout the whole process.


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