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In accordance with Article 8 of the German Teleservices Act, as content provider FUCHS WISURA GmbH is responsible for the "own content" that it provides for use. Although all content is carefully checked and constantly updated, no guarantee can be provided for completeness, accuracy and topicality. FUCHS WISURA GmbH is therefore not liable for damages in connection with the use of this content.

Our own contents are to be distinguished from cross-references ("links") to content provided by third parties. Through the link, FUCHS WISURA GmbH thus makes "external content" available for use, which is indicated as follows: external LINK. Through the cross-reference, FUCHS WISURA GmbH provides access for the use of this content (Article 9, German Teleservices Act). It is not responsible for this "external" content as it does not initiate the transmission of the information, select the addressee of the transmitted information, nor has it selected or amended the transferred information. In addition, no automatic temporary storage of this "external information" is carried out by FUCHS WISURA GmbH as a result of the access and linking method selected, and therefore FUCHS WISURA GmbH takes no responsibility for this external content.

"Links", however, are always references to "living" (dynamic) internet presences of third parties. Although FUCHS WISURA GmbH checks the external content when linking for the first time to ascertain whether it may lead to a potential liability with regard to civil or criminal law, it is not obliged to constantly check the contents linked in its offering for changes which could lead to a new liability. Only when it ascertains or is notified by others that a concrete offering to which it has provided a link causes a liability according to civil or criminal law will it remove the reference to this offering, insofar as this is technically possible and feasible. The technical possibility and feasibility are not affected by the fact that the unlawful or punishable content can still be accessed from different servers even after FUCHS WISURA GmbH has prevented access from its own homepage.



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