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The optimum corrosion protection for all materials and processes

With ANTICORIT, FUCHS offers a wide selection of different corrosion protection.

The ANTICORIT products from FUCHS are temporary corrosion preventatives that can be easily removed if necessary without impairments to the surfaces to be protected. 

ANTICORIT corrosion preventatives have been developed under careful consideration of all conditions, both in the laboratory and in practice. They are simple and economical to use and, adapted to the diverse requirements of the practice, are available in a comprehensive product range.

The compatible and process-safe corrosion protection products from ANTICORIT offer a wide range from oily and thixotropic to solvent-based or water-miscible corrosion inhibitors and water displacers, so-called dewatering fluids. 

If no film is desired, we solve your corrosion protection problems with our complete VCI range solutions. 


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