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Lubricant solutions and related products for e-mobility concepts

The latest e-mobility concepts present more than just vehicle manufacturers with major challenges. The transformation in propulsion technology is also a huge task for suppliers, as the solutions they provide must meet completely new requirements – for example in the fields of cooling, material compatibility, or conductivity. In addition to this, innovative ideas for extreme friction reduction are required in order to extend range and reduce CO2emissions. We are heavily involved in these developments.

Yet our customers are often also keen to use existing solutions in electrified drive systems. We are happy to test these to determine whether they can be used to meet new, additional requirements, as well as to help our customers select and adapt the respective system. Indeed, FUCHS is represented in many electric and hybrid vehicles of the leading premium manufacturers with e.g. the brands TITAN, RENOLIT and ANTICORIT for many years.

Flexibility is exactly our thing 

There are many complex applications for specialized lubricants, thermofluids and functional coatings in electric and hybrid vehicles. Furthermore we work on solutions for an efficient, robust production of the components and ensure compatibility with the operating materials.

We find the right products for any vehicle both reliably and flexibly – no matter whether for lubricationcoolingprotecting or cleaning.

In addition to the FUCHS BluEV product line, we have also introduced BluEV Technology. BluEV Technology builds the bridge between existing and new products and their application. With BluEV Technology, we identify existing products that are also suitable for use in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our e-mobility products and developments

Vehicle type:

Coolant for power electronicsE-Drive Oil for
E-Motor and gearbox
Axle grease for high torqueGrease for E-MotorCoolant for batteryCorrosion inhibitor for battery housingContact grease for electric connectionsCompressor oil for heatpump / air condition
Products, which are needed independently from propulsion method are not shown
Car Bev
Grease for bearings in E-MotorNew generation engine oils for downsized hybrid enginesCompressor oil for heatpump / air conditionGrease for belt tensionerGrease for starter/generatorCoolant for batteryCorrosion inhibitor for battery housingAxle grease for high torque / low tempContact grease for electric connectionsE-Drive Oil for
Hybrid gearbox
Products, which are needed independently from propulsion method are not shown
Car Hybrid

Proven expertise for leading e-mobility

Our long-standing expertise in automotive and other mobility sectors is an essential factor in developing smart lubrication solutions for your future mobility applications. Always pioneers in future mobility, for more than 90 years we have developed over 10,000 lubricants with full global engineering, production, and service network expertise.

The full power of German technology

FUCHS is the number one lubrication partner for e-mobility applications. Our globally available engineering and technology experts enable us to collaborate closely with you – no matter your location worldwide. German technology – globally engineered, in-depth automotive know-how, and exclusive focus on lubrication and special fluids: all this guarantee you high-end solutions for outstanding e-mobility concepts.

Pioneering future lubrications solutions

Our many years of experience, intensive advance development, as well as major R&D laboratory and test bay capacities enable us to develop and test suitable solutions for new challenges together with our customers. Extensive expertise, speed, flexibility, and when necessary unconventional approaches secure reliable results here. We would be happy to work with you in determining the right media for your tasks from the large number of potential solutions.

At FUCHS, we are well-versed in developing suitable lubricants with ideal properties and high performance for new applications.
High-end solutions for our customers can only be produced with dedicated products for extreme friction reduction and improved heat transfer taking into account the special requirements of electric components.

To underline this demand we created for these dedicated e-mobility products a new product line – FUCHS BluEV.

Speed4E: Speed for electric mobility

Participating in joint research projects allows us to constantly find new ways of making drive systems even more efficient together with customers and value adding partners. As a result, we can increase the achievable range in battery powered electrical vehicles and minimize CO2 emissions in hybrids, while helping to reduce costs for both.

One such joint project in which FUCHS is collaborating with other OEMs and suppliers is Speed4E. The objective here is to achieve both lubrication and cooling using just one fluid in a highly integrated drive system that reaches speeds of up to 50,000 rpm.

Learn more about Speed4E

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